Need Help with UI

How can I make my Shop GUI Button like zoom in and tween with like effects like the big games do it?


Can u elaborate a bit more, I don’t get what your tryna say (idk if I’m just dumb or something)

You can use Roblox’s tween service when the player hovers over the button or clicks on it depending on what you want.

If your talking about a hover effect heres a local script you could add to your button:

local starterSize =
local hoverSize =

script.Parent.MouseLeave:Connect (function()

All you have to do is go to properties and get the button size and put it in between the parentheses of local starterSize = and put a hoversize of your choice in between the parentheses of local hoverSize =

I’m pretty sure it didn’t need explaining but yeah. (I’m not really a scripter, so I’m trash at explaining things)

just a question, did u test out the script?

Hey, yes I did, it works well.

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