Needing help with converting from stamper tool / sets

So my game im working on is a basic copy of the good old game Stamper Build! and it did not at all support FE! that is the big issue i have.
So i have been working on it for around 5 months but had no luck with some things and features.
This topic is talking alot about scripting help and some is about features roblox removed sadly that caused alot of the issues i have.
So my question is about Sets, the thing where you group models and save as a set for people to use in game EG: Terrain set or house set. This is one thing that the Stamper tool used for models, still works but cant use my own models to the game!.
If you know anything about this please answer!
My BIG issue is my build tool not working with FE! I been doing work for it to show to other people in game but it has a odd bug that i dont know what causes it! So when you build it shifts in the game it gets the models CFrame but it is like that is the clients CFrame and the servers CFrame is shifted? Really odd i have no clue to fix!
I will get the links to the game and send a model link for the tool and the Server script for the tool to send the model.
Any help will be accepted!
Stamper Tool Scripts:
BTW the script in the tool was modified by me
Also roblox removed Filtering Enabled that kept the game working while i was trying to fix and is automatically enabled and cant be disabled. Any ideas?

The stamper tool is almost a decade old. There is no single fix to make it FE-compatible, because the entire thing is insecure, having been built in an era where game security wasn’t a big concern. By doing some cursory reading on the stamper tool, I found a probable answer to the model issue you were talking about:

ROBLOX deprecated this tool & building method along with the deprecation of ExplorerImageIndex 0|16x16InsertService, which had the ability to insert models via the client in October of 2017.

InsertService no longer works client-side. You should use a RemoteEvent instead, to insert the models from the server.

Please space out your post, it’s hard to read a wall of text and understand what it is you want to accomplish. Furthermore, there are various tutorials and resources you can utilise to get started on refactoring the Stamper tool.

Scripting Support is not a venue to ask for code. Please rethink your inquiry and ask again later.


Hi sorry about this my first post and while reading theese comments i am using remote events for the insert service but am having issues trying to place the blocks as they get shifted in server, might be as the position was not updated but its the main issue, thanks

I think i found my solution with shifting:

i used Model:GetModelCenter() that could of caused it as it gives bad results, might be why but thought i might as say.

I like to bring this up because I like to know if u figured out how to fix it so it works with isrestricted enabled on bases (like welcome to ROBLOX building ) because for me it now works with it off but not on

For the most part this helped me fix my stamper tool. The only issue is I need help figuring out how to make it so the client model position matches the server’s right now theres a weird difference where it is off by a few positions. How would I fix this? For the non model parts I just needed to use :pointToObjectSpace with a parameter of the mouse hit cframe
but this wont work for models for some reason
Help would be appreciated :smiley:

 function Build(Name,ObjectID,Position,ObjectName,mouseHitInWorld)
	local insertCFrame
	local Place = game.Workspace.ActiveParts:FindFirstChild(Name.Name .. "'s parts")
	local M = game:GetService("InsertService"):LoadAsset(ObjectID)
	if M[ObjectName].ClassName == "Model" then
		M.Parent = Place
		local MParts = M[ObjectName]:GetChildren()
		for i = 1 ,#MParts do
			if MParts[i]:IsA("BasePart") then
				if MParts[i].Anchored == true then
				MParts[i].Anchored = true


		local P ="Part")
		P.Parent = M[ObjectName]
		P.Name = "Temp"
		P.Anchored = true
		P.Size =,4,4)
		local M = M[ObjectName]
		M.PrimaryPart = P
		P.CFrame = M:GetModelCFrame()
		M.Name = ObjectName
		for i = 1 ,#MParts do
			if MParts[i]:IsA("BasePart") then
				MParts[i].Anchored = false
				MParts[i].BrickColor = BrickColor.White()
		for i = 1,#AnchoredParts do
			AnchoredParts[i].Anchored = true
		local object = M[ObjectName]
		object.Parent = Place
 		object.CFrame = Position

I still need help with this. Maybe someone with experience making a furniture placement system or something can help?

Sorry ive not seen this.
I have got a fix that will work but it does slightly misalign and that is about it.
Ill give a link to my place that uses this and i hope it can help you as my game sadly cant save using any of the saving systems
I hope this helps you