Negative Experience with DevForum. In need of adjusting moderation enforcement

I went and created a topic inquiring if I were experiencing abnormal premium payouts behavior in #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback. I specified in that same topic to let me know if I had created the topic in the incorrect category. It was taken down for incorrect category use. They did not tell me what the correct category for my topic was.

So I did what I could and went and moved it in a presumably more accurate category. I reposted the topic in #development-discussion. I especially reemphasized to notify me if the topic was uploaded in the incorrect category, it was in fact the very first heading in my topic to ensure people would read it. Again, got taken down again for incorrect category use. No I was not told what the correct category was.

Repeated this and moved the topic to #help-and-feedback:game-design-support. Taken down again for incorrect category use without being told what the correct category was.

So finally, before making a 4th reattempt to reupload the topic, I created a new topic specifically asking where my topic should be moved into. I was told #help-and-feedback:education-support. I specifically emphasized I was told by the forum to post it there. And again, taken down for incorrect category use. No, I was not told what the correct category was.

Now, the straw the blew the camel’s back, is I was moderrated for topic duplication, because reposting topics in different categories that were taken down due to incorrect category use counts as duplication. But this wasn’t actually the final straw. The straw was, in the duplication moderation, they were refrencing which of my topics were duplicated ones. And the topic which was referenced for duplication, was another taken down topic several days ago for incorrect category use that was talking about what would entail a DMCA takedown, which has nothing to do with any of my reuploaded threads regarding my inquiries into my abnormal premium payout behaviour.

Here’s the screenshot of me being moderated in reference to duplicating a DMCA takedown inquiry due to uploading my premium payout one.

I really hope rather than just taking down flag posts and just linking the rules of the category, DET can instead direct you with a solution. It would have saved, both me and them time, had they just directed me to the correct category to begin with, rather than telling me why I used the incorrect one by linking me vague category rules 4 consecutive times. I still don’t even know what the correct category is.

Also, I think they’re too quick to moderate without sufficient context. I don’t understand how a topic uploaded days ago was referenced for duplication in regards to me reuploading 4 taken down topics today.

I shouldn’t expect too much from pointing this out though, as my feedback probably wouldn’t be listened to in the first place. Hopefully there’s an off chance this does accomplish some sort of change.

If not, or if this even gets taken down too, then that’s fine too, I was already expecting this would have probably been the case, and I appreciate those who did take the time to read this.


It’s important to have a discussion with the moderator. The default message given is from a template to speed up moderation and just part of what happens when a flag is approved.

Using the search bar and other resources (like the devhub) generally is a proactive way of handling these problems.

I would had personally thought #development-discussion and #lounge but I expect DMCA to be a common enough topic to look for another thread.

As for your question, you must have the rights to use all the intellectual property you have in your experience. If this is not the case, any copyright holder can issue a DMCA request against you.

If you are not sure it is best to speak with a legal professional.


Ah, thank you for taking the time to answer. My topics getting taken down was not a question that was regarding DMCA takedowns. It was regarding my inquiry into abnormal premium payout behaviour.

My inquiry was moderrated for duplication, and the duplication was referencing a DMCA takedown for some reason.

We need a platform usage support category; this is getting ridiculous. Moderation has no idea what to do with topics in development discussion and support categories that are slightly off the mark so people keep getting kicked out and bounced around. Adding this category would at least give a semi-correct place for weird questions and platform related issues.


100%. I think another issue is moderating without bothering to look at topics in sufficient context too. But I don’t see that having a plausible solution as I can imagine moderators wouldn’t want to spend too much time determining if something should get moderated. Though that’s no excuse because they’re moderaters for a reason.

You can’t directly contact the moderator, you have to instead email Developer Engagement.

You can reply to the PM, I’ve had plenty of open convos about my DevForum moderation before

In order to appeal you have have to email them according to the message though.

This is only for permanent suspension. You are able to reply to the feedback PM and talk there.

Please message me to continue


Oh, really I was trying to appeal for something I never said, could we talk in pm? So its possible to appeal through PM? No way


I would also make sure to not take just any advice on the forum. The suggestion to post in #help-and-feedback:education-support was absolutely inappropriate; you weren’t asking for any help regarding educational content on Roblox. Here’s the relevant feature request for a more general questions category if you are interested:


it would be a nice idea but i really hope it dosent get locked to regular lmao

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It’s because the guidelines in the Discussion category are so vague that not even the DevForum staff know what Discussion topics should stay up and what should be taken down.

They need to just revamp the guidelines and make them more specific, because it’s sorta getting annoying now.

A platform usage category would help also, though they’ll probably mess up moderation there aswell.



Seriously, the DET legit only gives out warns, strikes, feedback, and whatever based on their opinions and it’s sickening!

Sometimes, I see posts or make ones that 100% follow the rules, yet they sill still get unlisted or deleted, by 3 or 4 mods in specific. I have also never been taken down by some mods, yet others (i have a list) take down every post that gets a flag, not going to name any names, but there’s 3 or 4 of them that take down all of my posts flagged. It also seems to be based on Regular status, my posts are (GUESS) 45% more likely to be deleted if flagged by a regular, rather than a member.

I think they should actually delete posts based on rules, not what they feel like.


To be clear I’m not disparaging moderation at all. Trying to categorize topics into narrow buckets is difficult. The issue is moreso that the categories on the forum don’t fit all of the use cases for the forum, so moderation is unsure what to do with things that don’t exactly fit. Naturally these decisions are inconsistent because making these kinds of classifications requires human reasoning rather than following a checklist of rules.

Also just to note, there are only a few moderators on the forum that act visibly. That’s why you only see 3-4 of them. Plus, trust level on the forum has little to no factor in moderation decisions; a post is a post. You should avoid making up baseless numbers and making wild claims with nothing to support them, it undermines everything else you’re trying to say.


I wasn’t trying to either if that’s how you picked up my posts, I think the forum’s moderation team is doing a good job and the forum would be a warzone without them.