Net on basketball hoop causing lag

In my game, there is going to be a park gamemode, which requires multiple courts and hoops. each individual hoop has 6 rows of 12 parts each and attachments with ropes attached to form a net. It seems that when I duplicate the hoops to test performance, it gets really laggy, and I could see why. Is the net the reason, and if it is how else could I do this without having to change the structure of the net.

Are there unions? unions could corrupt and cause lag.

there are indeed unions, but only 2. one for the rim, one to stabilize the net.

It would be very helpful to provide pictures of what you’re talking about. Edit your first post to include some please!


I added a picture of the net, not sure if thats what you were looking for though. each attachment is linked with a transparent part for collisions by the way

The number of physics calls is very likely why there’s so much lag. I don’t think there’s a way to do this with ropes that’ll actually work while still being performance friendly.

Alright thank you. Ill probably just limit how many courts ill use per server. I’ll mark this as a solution :slight_smile:

You could probably do this differently. You could:

  • Make custom net animations, when a ball passes through the hoop, you could play that animation.

  • Make nets offload when you get too far away from them and make nets load when you get close to them, or just load specific nets when a player enters a court and offload specific nets when a player leaves a court.

Those are actually some great ideas! Thank you very much. I’ll most likely utilize the second suggestion.

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You can always animate it on Blender by using mesh deformation and just play the same animation every time someone scores a goal.

I helped someone out a while back by suggesting they use Sphere Parts with CylinderMeshes in them (to look like the sections of rope) and Ball and Socket Constraints with Attachments slightly outside the sphere. Make the Parts large enough that they will drag against each other and stop moving after a few seconds.
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