Netflix Fast and Furious: Spy Racers Promotion

Hey developers,

We’ve got an exciting promotion to tell you about: We’re teaming up with Netflix for their upcoming show Fast and Furious: Spy Racers, and they have provided us with car models to use in your Roblox games!

From December 11th, 2019 to January 2nd, 2020, you will be able to obtain cars from the Toolbox. You can find them here:

You can keep these cars in your game however long you want - those dates are just when they’ll be available in the Toolbox.

There are some rules to follow when using these cars:

  • You cannot monetize off of the Fast and Furious: Spy Racers cars. This means that you cannot sell them in your games for Robux.
  • You cannot manipulate the appearance of the cars. You can, however, make whatever changes to the scripts, physics, or other properties you need to make them work in your game.

If you implement the cars to your game and want your game to be used for promotion material for Roblox and Fast and Furious: Spy Racers, you can submit your game here by January 6th:

By submitting your game, it has the chance to:

  • be featured on a dedicated event page
  • be in a custom video that showcases some of the games that use the cars
  • appear in social media posts

We hope to see you taking part in this opportunity!

Developer Relations


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  • Do we have to use all 4 in our games to be considered?
  • Is it against the rules to change the dimensions of the cars?
  • Do we have to use the tire meshes provided, or can we use our own? (Guessing not, but I’ll ask.)
  • Can we switch it from the provided chassis to something else (for example, basic tank chassis)
  • Are we allowed to use Fast & Furious logos or any other branding in our games to go along with this?
    • Are there specific brand guidelines if we are allowed to use brand logos?

This is basically doing free advertising for exposure. In the past, they used to pay for doing these third-party opportunities.

Roblox probably draws in a 6-7 figure contract (humble estimates) for third-party promotions like this depending on the IP and the scope of the promotion. If Roblox wants developers to help advertise an IP, then there should be a payment in exchange for it that is worth more than just exposure on the event page (for an unknown amount of games, so your exposure is going to be split by an unknown X, and you are not even guaranteed to get onto the featured page based on what is mentioned here).

If you are going to pitch these opportunities to the community, please try to make a professional offer!


Are we able to edit the color on the texture or add things onto them like working headlights?


Gonna be a big no on the editing of colors. Working headlights shouldn’t be a problem, as long as your headlights don’t tamper with the appearance of the car. (i.e. make them invisible blocks that project light)


I’m having a very hard time figuring out what benefit or incentive this has for developers.

  • Cannot monetize, so this is off the table for most established games where exposure would be most beneficial. I think I misunderstood this.
  • “A chance to be featured in promotional media” means there’s no guaranteed exposure, and no payment.
  • Exposure on a new game created purely for this event very likely will not translate into exposure for any of our other projects.

As a promotional event, maybe some of this should have been better thought through. I can’t imagine many people putting in the effort to submit anything for this.

The vehicle system looks pretty cool though.


Can we use the Netflix logo? Or will we receive a copyright strike? Can we also show Netflix shows etc?


I thought game contract events were discontinued in favour of more recurring opportunities? This feels like yet another step down from what we had a year ago. To go from that, to monthly in-game events, to now being paid by exposure, there is very little incentive for developers to apply for these anymore. With risk of repeating what others have said, being only offered a “chance” to avail of this opportunity without any other specifics or confirmations doesnt make me want to apply, as well as the fact that we are not able to alter the cars properties.

I feel like there should be more incentives to apply because as of right now, I’m not convinced.


Cool but due to the fact It’s an event do we get the Red and white banded top hat?


By no monetization of the cars, do they mean that you can’t sell the specific cars as a gamepass, or do they mean you can’t have any monetization on the game entirly?


Ok so I get we can’t edit the cars, but can we make cars from prior movies and use the scripts from the cars you guys provide? Also can we use the Fast & Furious, Netflix, Dream works, and Universal logos in game and on a thumbnail or icon? Also can we use characters from the Movies a NPCs? Hold on I just though of something about editing. So I can’t even make it so that the player that spawns it in can’t make it so only they can drive. If that’s the case I’m out, sorry I love the Fast series but this doesn’t really help and makes it so thought to make something cool other then a play ground… :confused:


Just that you can’t sell the cars. They would never limit other monetization practices.

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As much as I’d love to participate, the fact that I can’t make visual improvements to the extremely low-poly models and low-res textures coupled with the lack of payment like past events makes this a non-starter for me and likely many other developers.

These would stick out like a sore thumb.

EDIT: Though I will say the chassis is fun to play with


So basically, we get featured on an irrelevant page for dirt nothing for using an unmodified, blurry texture car mesh that we can’t even monetize.


If this promotional event doesn’t help pay for my irl sports car, why would I add blurry textured sports car to my games for nothing?


So you mean to tell me there isn’t a reward? Just for the sake of seeing your game in a video? I believe that there should at least be a robux reward. Maybe an event item? People are very upset about this.

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I 100% agree with you I think it would be better if we could edit these to our pleasing except still remain to the Fast and Furious franchise.


I have to agree with a lot of what’s being said. I understand not being able to monetize the cars, but what’s the point of adding them? It seems like this is pandering to a younger dev audience desperate for any sort of promotion without any sort of idea as to what they’re actually doing, which is providing free advertising.

I think that along those lines, this is somewhat shorting Netflix, isn’t it? I highly doubt any more ‘popular’ games will use these cars, so there won’t be many seeing these to begin with. Not much of an advertisement.

Overall just doesn’t seem like something that would be advertised to developers here, who tend to be more serious. The concept itself is good, just seems like an odd place to put it.


So far, I see a lot of people talking a lot about how this is “all just for exposure” and doing a lot to disparage this offer, but it’s simply that. An offer.

While the cars provided admittedly aren’t too great (the models / textures) this opportunity is super refreshing from the perspective of a car game person. This is one of the only times I’ll be able to take part in a brand deal that actually relates to my game. And as someone who doesn’t have the luxury to have Millions of visits per day, I’m perfectly fine with accepting a few hundred extra eyes on my game, if even only for a week.

So, yes, this deal isn’t going to be lucrative for your Jailbreaks, your Ultimate Drivings, your Royale Highs, and so on and so forth, it’s good for some of us little guys who wouldn’t mind an extra helping hand in the form of some free advertisements.

So, please. Stop bashing this if it doesn’t appeal to you. We get it, you wish it was a bigger deal that was more profitable for some of your games that are already doing great. Some of us however actually don’t mind a bit of free exposure, and will happily accept these deals.