Netflix Fast and Furious: Spy Racers Promotion

Just because a game is smaller doesn’t mean it should be taken advantage of. There’s a difference between someone’s offer not being enticing enough to reel in everyone, and someone’s offer being rather one sided.

And yes, this is an offer. They’re free to put it out there, just as we’re free to critique it. Nobody’s being forced to stay away from it. You can very well apply if you wish, just as we can discuss how silly it is a film series which has spanned nearly two decades somehow can’t afford to toss even a handful of cash towards the people they expect to advertise it.


Yeah… Nah. This sentence just broke the entire deal for most of developers. This basically means that any customization such as body paint, window tint, decals and custom rims are out, so there is no reason for any racing game to include it.

There is no point in advertising if it can’t give you profit, which is mainly cosmetics for racing games. I also don’t see how other genres could use this as anything more than a small extra.

EDIT: Just noticed how bad their quality is.


Don’t think this is a good deal , the car themselves are “cool” , but I wouldn’t add it to any game I’m making / have made simply because they’d stick out too much due to low quality of the textures & model appareance.

There’s also no payment , which would be a really big incentive for these kind of events.

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I have a strong feeling that this is likely a deal put together by Netflix, not Fast and Furious.

I don’t see how we’re being taken advantage of on something we are opting into. Nobody is forcing us to do anything. If someone decides that this deal is good enough and goes for it, that’s that.

So far though, all the Critique is just the same thing being re-worded. And some of the critique is not well constructed criticism. It’s just attacking the offer for not being “good enough” for that individual. (I. E. No money involved)

The fact of the matter is though, if money was involved, small games would get passed over as the bigger games would go for the cash. The way I personally see this, is that this offer is worth about 5,000 to 10,000 Robux worth of advertising that I don’t have to spend on myself. When considering my game isn’t making hundreds of thousands of Robux, I’m perfectly fine with some free ads.

F&F are still involved, and even if they weren’t… We’re still talking about Netflix here. We’ve just gone from a giant movie series, to a giant streaming service, one which has dominated the market for years. They were able to spend over half a billion dollars to get the rights to stream Seinfeld, a show which ended in 1998. I’m pretty certain they could’ve dug out some pocket change for the developers involved.

You can very well opt into a situation where you’re being taken advantage of. For example, there’s a reason unpaid internships have laws to prevent the company from benefiting more than the intern. Even if both parties walk away happy, it can still be a situation where one gets much more out of the deal than the other, to the point where it’s outright unfair.

I wouldn’t say that at all. Going through the ones which do critique the deal, we’ve got the first post, which highlights the fact that this is for exposure and points out that a deal like this would have large amounts of cash in return for Roblox accepting it, followed by another quoting the fact that it won’t even be guaranteed exposure. The fact that previous deals used to be a lot fairer for the developers involved, a comparison between these lower-poly cars and the cars used in-game, and only after all that do we start seeing anything which only repeats the previously mentioned points.

To boil everything down to it all being the same critique of the offer not being good enough because nobody likes seeing their fellow developers being taken advantage of, or “bashing” as you put it, is silly.

This… Is a point I admit I don’t have much of an argument for. Still feel it’s rather wrong to take advantage of smaller games due to their lack of popularity. Again, if you really wanna go for it, nobody is stopping you.


Can we edit cars? (change tires, model etc.)

In short. No, you cannot change the overall appearance of the cars.

Can we watch the movie first? And do the game second…??

Expire Question when the Movie comes in Netflix.

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Pretty interesting team up! I’ll totally submit the application for the map I’m going to create! :clap:

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Not all 4 cars have to be placed in the game to be considered.

Dimensions and meshes of the cars cannot be altered.

The Fast & Furious logos have been placed on the cars. Fast &
Furious logos cannot be placed anywhere else in your game.

Cannot use Netflix, Dreamworks, or Universal logos. The cars come equipped with the Fast and Furious: Spy Racers logos.

To clarify, you can’t sell the Fast & Furious cars.

Can we alter things like the size (so long as the texture remains intact), the chasis/scripts, etc.

  • The only Fast & Furious cars should be the 4 provided.

  • Cannot use Netflix,Dreamworks, or Universal logos.

  • Cannot alter or modify the appearance of any of the cars.


Ok but I had a few questions left out Miss @chewbeccca. I didn’t see a mention if I could use the Fast and Furious logo for the promotion and can we take the scripts do surrounding cars match the style and have the same system so it doesn’t look weird. But thanks for your response from John. :grin:

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Also - it is okay to change the chassis!


Can we alter the appearance the appearance of and/or use our own HUD (speedometer)?

At this point, I’m out then. The base cars are too small for my game. :man_shrugging:t2:

(on the left is mine, on the right is the base models)

In my game I have a selection menu for cars to be used to race. Without using Fast & Furious logos, it’d be some what difficult to make sure everyone understands why these random cars are now being thrown into the game. I suppose a “promo” tab for them would suffice, but not the best solution.


I think something is wrong with the Baja Rally Crawler. I tried using it on terrain and it didnt work. The 2 right wheels won’t move.
Btw, I did not modified anything.

Does this imply the cars cannot be placed under a freemium currency paywall? I was aiming to market this by using purchasable temporary boosters for x2+ coins rather than sell the car directly to the user.

Does each submission have to fall under the racing genre to qualify, be relevant to the fast & furious franchise or is the only requirement having at minimum one promotional car be used?

I actually wouldn’t mind exposure If there’s an on site prize for the players. If players cannot win anything than their interest in this event will significantly drop meaning exposure wouldn’t be as beneficial

Why I believe exposure can be beneficial for new developers, not **known** developers

For those that oppose exposure, I completely understand from your POV how this wouldn’t benefit you however I strongly believe this is an opportunity for new developers to have their breakout moment.

Offering only exposure as compensation has discouraged many if not all known developers from participating so this is where a developer that has struggled to reach the targeted audience get that push you desperately needed to no longer remain unknown.