Never shut down studio without explicit permission

I wanted to install this plugin so I can load a basic bundle into studio to do animations on. When I search for this plugin in the toolbox, it doesn’t show up, I have to install it from the website. But when I click on the install button on the website, Roblox just shut down ALL of my studio instances without any warning! All the places were published so I didn’t lose any data, but they were still closed without explicit permission which is a huge UX problem

Never shut down a studio instance without permission from the user, even if all the data is saved


Good news, there is already a beta feature which is attempting to address this, if you don’t have it enabled please try it out:


I have the beta enabled but still got all studio windows forcibly shut down today :confused:
The previous weeks there haven’t been any problems, but for some reason today that happened

Already had that enabled when they were all closed

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I had this beta feature enabled since its introduction and I never got any prompts as far as I remember. I’m not sure what it even looks like. There is no difference when I disable/enable it and it still force closes my studio sessions. Might have I missed some steps that I’m not aware of?

Please refer to

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Locking since this feature already exists, and the improvement OP is looking for already has a feature request.