New Animation Editor Announcement



Awesome update, looks a lot more enigmatic compared to the previous one. I just have one request, welds created by the server and put inside a player will replicate movements to other players. I find it a lot easier to do some animations via CFrames but they do not replicate. :frowning:


Are there any plans to release inverse kinematics for the editor in the near future?


It’s getting more advanced :open_mouth:


Ahah. I should’ve scrolled through a bit more. Thanks lol.


How the hell do we copy entire frames like how we did on the old animation editor


It is recommended to read through the thread before replying to see if your question was already answered.



Hi! How do you add names to Keyframes now? Or, does this mean .KeyframeReached is now deprecated?


Is there a way to temporarily revert back to the older animation editor?


Put this in the Plugins Folder: (there’s a button to take you there under the Plugins tab in studio)
LegacyAnimationEditor.rbxm (91.7 KB)

Alternatively you can install it here, just published the above as plugin:

Note that the icons for the new and old editor are the same, so make sure to hit the one with the “Legacy Animations” label underneath them (I edited this from the original version of the old plugin).

New Animation Editor is upsetting my animals

Did the copy button go somewhere? I lost it. Can anyone help me find it?


Thank you so much you’re a legend!


As much as I like this new animation plugin, there’s much less functionality than there was in the old one.

My animator has named some:

-Keyframes can’t be named anymore

-Cannot move keyframes anymore

-When you change the length of an animation, your frames are cut out of it (example: if you change a 2 sec. long animation into a 0.5 sec. one, you lose all your frames after the 0.5 mark)

-You can’t copy-paste keyframes anymore

-Keyframes are created on individual parts, which made it impossible to name them like in the past (not necessarily a bad thing, but it removed an important feature)

-The camera cannot be tampered with while editing the timeline because it’s in a different window, so you have to switch windows every time you want to see a different angle, which is very unintuitive

-If you spaced your keyframes wrongly and you want to change them, you can’t do so by copy-pasting the entire grouping anymore. Instead, you have to paste them part by part, or manually select every part in another point in the timeline. This turns into a lot of time spent on tedious trial and error placement.

-The “Undo” button seems to also keeps track of the activity of your timeline cursor (where you scrolled, essentially), and that creates a lot of unnecessary undoing to get to the point in time where you made a mistake

-The animation UI is stored in a different window which can cause stuttering from repeated use and/or flickering of the windows, which can get very annoying very quickly

A temporary solution can be another button that opens the old plugin instead. For now, buildthomas’s link can work.


I really don’t like this new animator suite. I don’t have anything good to say about it, really. There’s just too many things missing in this version that was viable and used in previous versions. For instance…

  • Some options are missing and the context help doesn’t say where specifically
  • Can no longer change the rate the animation plays as a whole
  • The UI is too small and can take over the screen
  • You can’t move keyframes with the mouse
  • The different buttons are really janky; sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, and sometimes they’re not even there
  • certain UI pop-ups are from previous versions; it’s inconsistent throughout
  • The snap increment can get off track (Ex: mine = .025, went to .299 or .345 every other time)
  • The context menu help itself says basically nothing of use; probably because it’s not finished

These are my gripes. If anyone else is having these issues, I’d say wait on the update. Use a previous version of the animation editor when you have the chance.


This will be added into the right click menu tomorrow


Thanks for uploading this, the new editor was going to make me lose my mind.


This bug will be fixed in next Tuesday’s Roblox Studio release


We are working on all the issues mentioned in this thread. All the major problems should be fixed in the next couple of Roblox Studio releases


Just backup what Kevin said. I make a lot of animation loops like walking and running, and it becomes a much longer, more tedious process if I can’t select multiple keyframes at once to copy and paste. Currently trying to make a walking animation and it’s very slow. Everything else seems to look great though!


Multiple keyframe select will be coming very soon


How is fixing the other issues coming along?