New API reference takes up way too much space. Please make it easier to read


The new dev resources website is awesome, the styling is great and the articles are super readable, but the new API reference has far too much spacing and the bright white background does not play well with the bright blue text… Top developers need an API reference that is easy to read and gives us all of the information about an object at a glance.

Right now we need to scroll down, sometimes several pages, just to see all of the API references. In the past all of the API would fit into a single page.

Here’s a comparison between the old wiki’s API reference for terrain versus the new one. These are both full screen 1440p

The exact same documentation takes twice as much time to read!

Please put functionality and usability before clean fresh design for the API reference so that developers can use it effectively as it was intended.


Reformat the new wiki to show important information first

Not just this, I’m pretty sure it takes more than double the time because of the similarity in brightness of all the colours, if you look at the old one the colours are much darker and easier to distinguish between, the new one is just all a mixed up mess that is almost coded. It also misses out information previously present on the old pages.


Disclaimer: I helped (re)write some of the API doc pages, but I was not part of the team that designed the pages.

I agree that the docs use a bit too much space; I think line spacing was really abused here to make a clean look. Consider also the design is thinner because the list of classes appears to the left. This wasn’t present in the wiki.


I totally agree. We’re working on this now.
We had to cut back on polish work for the API pages because we wanted to prioritize the article content we had on launch.