New Asset Privacy and Permissions Features for Audio and Video

Sorry, this one is my fault, miscommunication on my part (both reading and trying to explain what I mean)

I originally worded my reply horribly and quickly edited it to rewrite the whole thing.
What I was trying to say is that if you friend someone, have yourself added to have permission to use an audio, then unfriend the user, you wouldn’t have permission to use the audio in your games despite the apparent permission.
This was just a genuine case of me being dumb here, I completely misunderstood it and thought that having permissions added that way applies to all games under the account by default, but instead what actually happens is you then additionally still need to add the audio to a game in studio to allow using the audio in that game, and having the user permissions simply lets you add the audio in studio without needing access to the audio creators account.

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This isn’t even working, I tried to do this but it still gives off “Unable to download sound data” in console.

Did you share your asset with a friend and they are unable to use it in their game? We have updated our documentation with more details here. Please take a look and let us know if you still face any issues.

We have updated our documentation with more details here. Hope this helps! Let us know if you any part is unclear and if you need additional information.

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Yes that is true, the error outputs Unable to download sound data, making the sound unable to be played but they were able to listen to the sound in the creator hub.

Update on this, now it throws either Temp read failed or User is not authorized despite me authorizing and double checking.

I definitely agree with this statement which this user said. it’s time for change, please revert this update.

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Yeah we’ve lost hope, they’re giving us stupid updates which don’t do anything related to the muted audio situation.