New Badge Tiers, with some badge suggestions

Hello, as reaching certain milestones on the Devforum grants you badges that you show on your profile, I think that the rarest, “gold” badges are fairly easily obtainable. I think having like 2 new badge tiers, Platinum and Diamond, would give users a sense of pride and accomplishment when they manage to get these.
Here’s what new badges could be added:

  • Platinum and Diamond Reply badges:
    – Platinum: “Amazing Reply” - Received 100 likes on a reply
    – Diamond: “Astoundishing Reply” - Received 250 likes on a reply
  • Platinum and Diamond Topic badges:
    – Platinum: “Amazing Topic” - Received 100 likes on a topic
    – Diamond: “Astoundishing Topic” - Received 250 likes on a topic
  • Platinum Link badge:
    – Platinum: “Top Link” - Posted an external link with 2500 clicks
  • Platinum Consecutive Day Badge:
    – Platinum: “Addicted” - Visited 500 consecutive days
  • New badge: Community Champion
    – Platinum: “Community Champion” - Awarded only to users with Community Champion rank.
  • Changes to existing badges:
  • Post Approval: Gold -> Platinum
  • Community Sage: Gold -> Diamond
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As previously mentioned in previous similar topic of this. There is no reason of extending the badges. It would introduce more problems of “competition” or “solution hunting”. No one wants fast and inaccurate replies.


I am not really sure that discourse supports platinum and diamond colors, from the forums that I’ve looked at, all of them have bronze, silver, and gold badges, only one of them had custom ones.

But an alternative would be custom badges rather than default ones.

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There are already badges in the DevForum and adding those seem like there will be too much.

Some badges can be won multiple times. Maybe not for the same post but you can get badges like “great topic” several times across topics.

I actually posted a similar topic before:

(@Operatik, is this what you were referring to?)

And I learned that extending badges beyond their current status can do more harm than good in the long run. So before posting a new topic, please do a quick search.

Also, such a feature should be put forth in Discourse as it requires somewhat of a major addition.

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