New Body Movers in Studio

See New Body Movers for more details about the new objects.

The original post describes the Body Movers API. This is about how to create them in Studio. Five new entries have been added to the Create menu in the Constraint group on the Model tab:

  1. AlignOrientation, AlignPosition and LineForce require two clicks on two parts. It will create the mover together with the two associated attachments (first click for attachment0 and second click for attachment1). The principal axis of the attachments will be set to the normals of the part faces where the attachments reside. The mover object will be parented to the first part clicked.

  2. VectorForce and Torque require only a single click. It will create the mover and a single attachment associated with it. The principal axis of the attachment will be set to the normal of the part that was clicked. The mover will be parented to this part as well.

  • It is also possible to pre-select created attachments before choosing your mover - same as in using the Constraints. This will create the Mover/Constraint with the pre-selected attachments.
  • The Movers (just like the Constraints) have visual representations that are visible when the Show Details button is pressed.
  • The Movers can be selected by clicking on their visual representations.
  • When a mover is selected, the associated attachments are highlighted and show the relevant information.

Are these class icons going to be added to the explorer image map?


Yep in next release. I dropped the ball on this one unfortunately.


This is sorta off topic, but can the “Show Details” button save it’s state on a place? It’s a bit annoying to keep turning it off everytime I start my place up. qq


Just wanted to remind you about this real quick. It’s more of an OCD thing on my end lol.

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Class icons in for body movers in explorer context menu have been released.
Correction: the context menu has been fixed with the body movers, but the icons used are the standard constraint icon. Studio team will update them when they can.


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