New Celery Detection [PATCHED]

This is the new detection method for the exploit known as Celery. Celery has recently been gaining popularity because of its ability to bypass Byfron. If you would like to keep your games secure, paste this code into a LocalScript inside of ReplicatedFirst:

	while task.wait() do
			return game:_()
		end, function()
			local success1, error1 = pcall(getfenv, 7)
			if success1 or error1 ~= "invalid argument #1 to 'getfenv' (invalid level)" then

Other detection methods can be found here, but they are likely patched as of right now:
I’m not going to explain how you should properly secure this detection to prevent it from being bypassed. This would be the longest thread in the world if I decide to explain anti-bypass methods.
I may post more exploit detections in the future.

5/21/2023 Edit: This detection is still working if anyone is wondering.
6/6/2023 Edit: Still working.
6/26/2023 Edit: Celery has finally pushed an update that patched all public detections. This method is no longer working.
NOTE: This does not mean that you should remove this detection from your game because this can still be used to detect Celery’s hookmetamethod function.


I have no idea how scripting works, but I believe this may get patched very quickly.

It’s honestly not surprising to see byfron getting bypassed already, Roblox systems suck.

Anyway thank you for the free script to stop exploiters from bypassing!


No problem. Hopefully this will not get patched very soon.


It was already patched before you made it. Exploiters can bypass client kicks.


This method is still unpatched by Celery. Also, I am aware that exploiters can bypass client kicks,

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He was saying the detection wasn’t patched, of course the method in which you punish the player can be patched but that’s beside the point.


Thank you Unlimited, very cool


dani really cool :sunglasses: really cool


Mhm… You don’t know how scripting works, yet you say it may be bypassed… weird
Celery devs will probably not patch it anyways, as celery barely works in the first place


Yes, they can, but if you don’t read the full topic, you miss certain points that Unlimited said


Celery didn’t bypass byfron. They just remade their executor to work for the UWP version of roblox which doesn’t have byfron.


They’ve been working to fix everything atm so I don’t doubt this’ll be patched within a day to a week

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They literally said that their exploit is full of vulns and not to “use your big hubs”

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All the vulns have been patched in both lua and C++

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First things first, Celery is an executor meant for testing the roblox engine. It has no safeguards or any protection to stop it from being detected. As of now, there have been no public bypasses to Byfron. All public exploits are for mobile or the Microsoft Store version of Roblox. There are also exploits called Fluxus and Electron that work on the UWP (Microsoft Store) client of roblox. No exploits are currently available for desktop Roblox


I’m not sure if its still accurate, but your could also use getfenv to detect module script functions required by synapse.

Yes, you are still able to do that.

I would also recommend doing

local f = getfenv(7)
for i, v in pairs(f.getreg()) do
	f.getreg()[i] = nil

It would show up “Executor crashed” alert instead of just kicking.

Also, a smart thing that you could do is obfuscate the code so it’s even harder to bypass.

This is the recurring problem with detection methods like this. People post them, they get patched. You are relying on simple bugs or intended features that can be reworked. Exploit developers will always find ways around this.

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