New Celery Detection [PATCHED]

This is patched now btw I believe

That’s actually a dumb thing to do

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How exactly is it dumb? If they obfuscate the script, then exploiters will be unable to bypass it as they can’t read obfuscated code. While they can deobfuscate it, it will still take them more time to crack the script.

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I wasn’t worried about this getting patched because there are 4 other Celery injection detections.

I’ll test it later to check if it’s patched or not

Many other big exploits have also not patched this detection yet. The only reason they are not affected by this is because they don’t edit the game’s metatable on injection.

If there were a way to completely stop exploiters, they would not exist. Even an anti-cheat as invasive as Vanguard (which installs itself as a driver, constantly runs in the background and has full, system-level security permissions) can’t stop the cheaters in Valorant.

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QUICK IMPLEMENT IT INTO YOUR GAMES PEOPLE!, Ban as much people as you can before it gets patched!

This is quite a known and old detection. It’s at least from 2017, and this only works if exploits don’t use newcclosure.

Yes, it is already a known detection, but I’m just putting it out there that it detects a popular exploit so that more people will use it.

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Just tested it. It is not patched yet.

Obscuration on a client script just won’t accomplish anything. When the exploiter receives the bytecode, it’s exactly the same as unobfuscated code AFAIK. If anyone can confirm that would help.


There’s only celery and a few others, most of the mainstream exploits are still patched… . And in the end, every game is vulnerable to game cheats, and even worse cases compared to Roblox, so not sure why you say “Roblox systems suck”… But maybe in some cases it does, but the anti-cheat is still better than nothing

That aside, Celery would probably die down soon, especially with the mainstream exploits slowly coming back

Could you tell me what celery is? I got no idea what that is.

It’s a Roblox exploit that bypassed the recent anti-cheat, byfron. But it was pretty rushed by the looks of it, seeing how there’s this post.

And I’ve seen people saying there isn’t a key on it, so I’m assuming it’s simply taking something else from your computer, like how some popular minecraft cheat clients normally create a harmless backdoor

Gotcha, usually when someone obfuscates code, it will be a lot harder for exploiters to bypass the anti cheat as they have another process which is cracking extremely confusing code. Like the best obfuscator I can possibly think of is Luraph, extremely hard to debofuscate and takes a ton of processes in order to get byte code.

That’s is true.

Not sure if it works (since it’s a guess), but I’m assuming there’s changes in the memory once a script get’s ran through an executor, so you probably can just find function signatures through there (probably pretty wrong).


They need to inject to bypass it. But it kicks you when you inject it.

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they can inject after being kicked

But that doesnt help them though… After getting kicked you cant do anything anymore

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