[NEW] Coordination Team promoting guide

Promoting to Management Intern guide

Hello there, promoters!
In this topic, I’ll be telling you some requirements and guidelines in order to promote someone to the Management Intern rank.


They must be:
A Senior Barista for at least 1 week and constantly working hard at the cafe for at least 12-30 days.
Joined our Discord server. Do NOT promote them if they haven’t joined our Discord server yet.
They must have really good leadership skill, trustworthiness, and helpfulness.
They must have a good reputation within our industry and not being suspended more than twice.

They must NOT:
Have a bad reputation and troller.
Have been suspended more than twice.

They don’t need to be:
Aesthetic and have a cool username.

Your Requirements:

You must be a Coordinator+
You must check their unsuspension logs, whether they have been suspended more than twice or not. To do this, click Ctrl+F or Cmd+F in the staff suspension Trello and type their username.
You MUST promote them to Management Intern and DM them the promotion message template here:

Hello! Congratulations, you have been promoted to Management Intern!
We have Trello to manage all our sessions, and requirement. It’s mandatory, and a must to join our Trello.
You can find all training and interview guide at Trello.
HANDBOOK: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/nocturnal-cafe-administration-guide/958221
MODERATION GUIDE | https://devforum.roblox.com/t/nocturnal-cafe-moderating-guide-for-baristas-and-admins/935020
Please DM me with your Trello username, so I can add you.

Before promoting, be sure they have joined our Discord server, active, have good grammar (they don’t need grammar outside the kitchen, though), and wear appropriate attire (no trollers packages and RTHRO).
Discussing it to another member is really recommended such as asking another MR+ if someone you will promote is a good candidate or not.
Before promoting, it’s highly recommended to act something.
After promoting, use something like this: “sm Please congratulate username on their promotion to Management Intern! Well deserved!”

That’s all.

Thanks for reading.