New Creator Marketplace on Web

Hi everyone!

We are happy to announce the soft launch of a new, expansive web home for Creator Marketplace at! You can also access it from the Creator Dashboard under the “Resources” links in the sidebar. In the coming weeks, we will begin redirecting traffic from the legacy Creator Marketplace pages to this new experience.

New, dedicated web presence

Now that we have a dedicated space with more room to expand, this new home is a starting point to build better discovery tools to support your experiences. Some of the things you could expect in the near future include:

  • Feature parity with Studio Marketplace
  • Robust discovery and search
  • Better customizable asset descriptions

The Creator Marketplace is an important part of the resources available to Roblox developers, and we have moved to be part of the new Creator Resources hub to take advantage of centralizing these tools for you.

Improved UX and Visual Design

The new look and feel of the marketplace is built on the more modern visual identity that you see on Creator Dashboard and Talent Hub. We have also fixed some broken UI/UX flows, better information hierarchy for each asset, and ported over the same audio table list as Studio for a better browsing experience.


On each asset, you will find more informative ratings that allow you to quickly assess the quality of assets as voted by the community. We are continuously working on new tooling and signals to ensure that you are adding the right assets into your experiences. As part of that, the new ratings have already been implemented in Studio!

What’s up next

For this initial launch, we primarily focused on a direct migration from the old web, addressing some long-standing UX/UI issues that caused pain points in your workflow. We have many more plans for building out the new Creator Marketplace web, so stay tuned!

Thanks to the internal teams in Creator Marketplace and Creator Resources: @applepinecake @StickOmega1 @DeDuckotron @riddlemasta @Nosniv42 @theferriswheelworld @FriendlyAdder @jynj2912 @FTDNotAppropriate @z_aerie @chilliflakes19 @BitWiseAndrea @peraldon

Let us know what you would like to see in the Creator Marketplace web!


Am I losing any features with this update to the Creator Marketplace?

  • The new site supports all features the previous marketplace did while adding some improved flows for high-use cases, such as adding a scrubber while listening to audio. This is also a starting point for us to build a better experience for you, and plan to address any functional gaps that we might have missed.

How do I access the new marketplace once the transition is complete?

  • All methods to access the Creator Marketplace today on www will be seamlessly directed to the new site. Starting now, you can access the marketplace from the Creator Marketplace link on the sidebar of Creator Dashboard, or directly at

If you have any further questions, please ask away! We will do our best to answer as many of them as possible.

[Update] August 3, 2022


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Will developers be able to set prices for models in the future using this new marketplace?


Looks very cool! I’m glad the website is starting to become more modern, something I’ve been wanting for a while.

Don’t laugh, but is there a light mode by the way? I have light mode on the website but I don’t seem to be getting it on the creator page lol


This is great! I might consider actually using the marketplace, considering how awful the toolbox was. This looks to have a lot of potential!


Hey, um the music is not playing when I try playing it, and when I adjust the timeline, it just says NaN:NaN

Is there a possibility that this issue can get fixed?
(Safari 16, macOS Ventura 13)

This issue also occurs in Monterey 12.4 with Safari 15.5:

besides this issue, I love the new Creator Marketplace.


It is an improvement compared to the looking for audio in the library.
However it seems that for sounds with long descriptions the play-slidebar no longer appears.
Also can we have an option or filter to ignore searching items/sounds of a certain creator, such as sounds by Roblox?


This is amazing! I love when Roblox improves legacy webpages, especially when the slower nature of old systems interferes with streamlined development pipelines.

One thing I would love to see is a better search system; specifically for audio. Roblox’s rich library full of all kinds of unique soundtracks are an amazing and valuable part of SFX work in our experiences, however all too often myself and many others find it difficult to find exactly what we’re looking for. Better filters, descriptions and labels for assets would greatly improve the search for that one audio.

I know there are various 3rd party plugins that help in this area, however an official focus on this would be appreciated by many.

Great work on the transfer of the legacy marketplace to newer systems though, I know it’ll be valued greatly amongst the developer community.


How are the thumbs up ratings calculated? One of my plugins is showing very different ratios between the legacy dashboard and the new dashboard.





For audio, it would be nice if we could filter by the genre, artist, library, album, and other identifying information.


Glad to see that Roblox is slowly migrating the creator tools to a more modern website. Definitely want to see some features such as tagging and the ability to set a price for assets.


Getting the same issue here as well on my iPad, on both Chrome and Safari.


I’m not Roblox, however, I’m pretty sure Roblox is actively trying to create a way to be able to sell models.


I’d like to add to this. Rather than just models, can we see prices be an option for all asset types?(Decals, Sounds, Meshes, etc. )

Why should this be added?
Monetization shouldn’t be limited to only game/experience developers and UGC avatar creators. Sound designers, 3D modelers, and many others simply don’t have a way of monetizing their work on the Roblox platform. This also gives an incentive for more professional work in these untapped markets. Things that cost robux or USD would generally have a higher quality over the things that are free. The overall quality of Roblox would improve, many creators would now be able to monetize their work, and Roblox would be getting a cut in the process.


Definitely my favorite part about this. Seeing the number of votes helps me analyze a model a lot better.

Though I still wish they kept the like-dislike ratio.

I personally hope not for the sake of the people who use this feature.

Look at the plugin developers.

They get praised for their incredibly useful plugin when they make it free.

But when they put a price on plugin, all of a sudden others think the plugin completely bad.

I don’t want the same thing to happen with models as well.


Currently, plugins such as BTR add additional features to an item’s page such as viewing the contents of a model or downloading the asset directly. Could we have an option to open the asset in the library for those who prefer?

Such as:



Long time coming, this looks really great.

Though on more than one occasion I misread the price of a plugin as the title and got briefly confused lol. Feels like title should come above the price like the catalog. The first thing I care about when I look down under the icon is the title, because that often describes what the plugin is for.


biggest part of this for me is improved search. i searched something that previously returned completely irrelevant results and actually got somewhat relevant results, and could much more easily find what i was looking for. good job engineers!


Likely not, access to a free collection of models helps benefit development


Can you guys add a loop button for the audio player? This would be extremely useful for previewing looped SFX.