New Creator Marketplace on Web

Likely not, access to a free collection of models helps benefit development


Can you guys add a loop button for the audio player? This would be extremely useful for previewing looped SFX.


Wow I’m so happy they made an update like good big good job!


Will we still be able to use the legacy page if we so choose to?


Possibly yiu could I don’t see why not.


Why am I missing the nav bar??


I love being able to see less on the webpage marketplace with fullscreen than the small in studio toolbox window and even the legacy marketplace. It’s ridiculously big icons and there’s no reason such little amount of results should take up so much screen space. Even though I barely had to, I also try to go in the mind of someone who’s new or unfamiliar with things. And the search filters menu seems very hidden away. The search filter menu should honestly be open by default, and perhaps with a close x button or arrow on the menu itself. The actual button to open it doesn’t seem very intuative to use or clear to see/notice and I can imagine people coming asking where to find that menu or ask if it even exists.

I’m also sad to see this empty space not being taken up by more assets. This problem has persisted in the original marketplace for years, but not in the toolbox.

I also wonder why on the last page 33 that I’m able to go to (I really hope we will be able to go further than 33 in the future) does not even show me all the results it tells me there are to show.
I’m also really dissapointed that there still are no further search filters, such as date of publish, like ratio, favorites and sales. This would really improve the ability to search for good quality, popular, classic Roblox assets and newer modern assets. We are quite literally only limited to search for keywords with hope that someone has put out there what we’re looking for with that very keyword and no other factors.

Now to the Audio category specifically I am very impressed, finally some amazing improvement, besides the lack for more search filters targeted specifically to audio search that I might recall being mentioned in the past. It’s a pleasurable update.
A change I very much would like to see is the ability to listen to an audio, and then open up the information of other audios without it stopping the current playing audio.

I also feel there’s a lack of “remove from inventory” button.
You can see hearts (are hearts supposed to be the new favorite star or?) but you can’t interact with it, I also don’t know where the likes and dislikes went for audio but I would love to see this statistic together with the description etc. when you click an audio to see it’s information, before you even click the “more info” button.

A loop button at the audio preview would also be cool. With a lot of sound effects, ambience and music you may want something that perfectly loops to not break the immersion of the game or to simply cutoff in weird ways. Maybe even a tag or filter specifically designed to categorize loopable audios would be really cool too!

Roblox also take up quite the space now in search results, and I think verified users will too. Filters to exclude Roblox or verified users from the search results are also very appreciated.


Roblox could really make a good marketplace.
Right now, I don’t want to sell or buy, it feels too complicated and results are usually bad.
I’ll check it again in a few months :smiley:


Can we have “Sort By Recently Updated” and genres back?
Current filter set seems lack luster in my opinion.

Other than that, this is a fantastic update to the webpage, and admittedly, I’m going to miss the old webpage. Other than that, it’s great!


This is not true, we have now lost genres on assets, as they are no longer displayed on the information page and the genre filter (which was broken on the old page) is now gone from the new page, I’m assuming it’s removal was that it didn’t contribute enough to search results and would take too much to maintain, however there are cases in where it could be useful. For example: I want a scary clown for my experience so I start searching ‘clown’ in the marketplace, if genre filter existed I could also set it so only ‘Horror’ assets get suggested to me.


Will this new update potentially re-add the sorting options (recently updated, best selling, etc) that were silently removed in the past?
I (and likely many others) used those quite a lot, and it’s a shame that they were just poofed out of existence with no explanation one day.

Additionally, calling decals images is very confusing, as there is a big difference between decal assets and image assets.
Unless there is a plan to move away from the whole decal/image split system and shift entirely to just images, I don’t feel that this is a good idea as it may further confuse developers who are learning the difference


I agree genres should be re-included, emphazied more and even expanded upon. Searching for “horror clown” gives you results that has horror in the title or description. But just searching “clown” on the horror genre would give you horror results that doesn’t neccessairly have “horror” in the title or description. So phasing out genres is generally hurtful for discovery.
I also think that the Save to Roblox asset feature should say “Change this to improve discovery for your asset!” the very moment you turn on Distribute on Marketplace to help people change genre.


Roblox has already stated that they plan on not only allowing UGC for every type of asset, but also the ability to sell them on the marketplace. Obviously they’ve already done that with accessories. As far as the toolbox goes, plugins were the first. Just like accessories, however, the ability to sell plugins is limited to a select group for the time being. But eventually, every asset will be possible to sell. Hopefully the ability to sell assets will open up beyond the current groups in due time (preferably sooner rather than later).

But I think the reason that it’s not fully open yet is due to some potential issues. On the accessory side, it would be copying accessories and reuploading them as your own, much like the clothing catalog before it was taken care of. I think that Roblox wants to make sure that successfully uploading a copy is as difficult as possible. As far as developer assets go, the asset currently has to be installed to your computer (at least for plugins). But even for models, it’s still streamed in. This means that anyone can just view the source of any paid asset and just release it for free. Even if it’s not possible to upload a copy, there could still be malicious sites made specifically to share free copies of paid content. I believe this issue is significantly harder to deal with than any other. I’m not even sure if it’s possible to fully prevent that, but we’ll see. (There may be other problems as well, but I think these are the biggest.) Either way, I look forward to the day that all users will be able to create and sell any type of asset they wish.

But more on topic with the actual post, I love the improvements. Though I still hope to see more search filters in the future, especially for audio.


Does this update also be included in the studio? or its just for the web


Amazing update! A while ago, I made this topic discussing whether Roblox should add a marketplace or not. I am so glad to see it coming along. Some things that I would love to see now is the amount of “downloads” (in order to know whether something is legit or not), a star-based rating system (since it gives more information), and finally, comments so people can view and justify their ratings. Doing all of this would make the marketplace a much safer space and in the future, if the above are implemented, paid assets could also be created. Thank you Roblox for this update and I can’t wait to see how it will turn out in the future!


This is a great step forward in the marketplace’s refurbishment, the only feature which seems to be missing is the functionality to search for models sold by a particular group- is this something which will transfer over to the new marketplace page?

Besides the concern of group made asset searching, I’m really looking forward to this new setup of the marketplace. :happy1:


Yes!! :raised_hands: One of the few remaining legacy site appearances finally got its time in the spotlight! Super pumped that the creator marketplace finally got a much-needed tune-up. I think my favorite feature is the separate tabs in the audio section for music and sound effects. Looking forward to seeing what other updates will come to the marketplace!!!

One question though. When using the search bar on the main site and selecting the creator marketplace option, will we be automatically directed to the new site?


This is great! It’s lovely to see Roblox is constantly improving the UI/UX design of various features, and this new creator marketplace is a great change for millions of developers!


Audio seems to have had this update recently in the studio toolbar, just not other assets.


Can you please bring back comments? They aren’t appearing on my plugins anymore and were very beneficial as users would share bug reports and help each other with my plugins.

And yeah my plugin now has a 61% like ratio which definitely isn’t right: