New Creator Marketplace on Web

I’m also using a Mac and also on Monterey 12.4 and I also have the problem


New Modern Roblox Websites like the Talent Hub or the new Creator Dashboard do not support light mode unlike the Classic Roblox Website.

I actually think that light mode is kinda useless, unless you are a really big fan of it, all it does is just to increase battery consumption and be really uncomfortable at some points.


Just tried it out.
So happy we finally have a functional Audio Search that doesn’t just display random results.


This seems unlikely as is intended to be separate from the main user website.


The lack of the ability to open audios in a new tab is slowing down my workflow. When I’m looking for SFX I often have to search through dozens of different sound effects, and having to constantly click the More Info button and going back to the previous page afterwards just to grab the sound’s ID ends up being a pain.

That’s really the only thing I can point out right now though, it is a great improvement to the old marketplace.


As some have stated, long descriptions cut off the slidebar as well as the other buttons.

I have a suggestion for the Audio tab, I think there should be more filters, you should be able to search by genre and search by length. Maybe these are already in the works!


They would have to find a way to protect paid models from getting stolen tho as this happens to paid plugins the same can happen for paid models


Controversial and hot take here, but I really don’t like this off-site direction that ROBLOX is taking. I disliked the idea of having Creator Hub to begin with, because realistically speaking it just is another website I need to surf now.

Overall these updates just feel as though they’re no longer apart of the original ROBLOX website. Rather then reworking the current working setup ROBLOX had, they’re implementing and recreating an already fine wheel, why reinvent entirely?

Once more, just a new website which doesn’t fit in with the current main website. I wouldn’t be surprised if the direction taken here will move the entire developer section off the main site. If this will be on the main site as a redirect, it just doesn’t fit in. I liked ROBLOX a lot more when I could view everything without having to go to redirects, which frankly no longer feel like ROBLOX themselves.

TLDR: Overall, I feel like these ‘create’ changes, such as this marketplace, the creator hub, new statistic page, no longer feel like ROBLOX, but more like a freelance developer made them as a service. They don’t fit the main ROBLOX site, and are all different websites that we now need to keep track of.

A side note, it’d be great if rather then reinventing the wheel, ROBLOX spent their time fixing bugs, such as the fact that my develop page is still white when I have dark mode on, hurts my eyes man…


What does this 14% mean on my model? It’s in red, implying it’s bad, but the model itself has more likes than dislikes. Is it 14% disliked? Then why the thumbs up icon?



I feel that this has a negative impact on the model, should anyone come across it.


Calculations is a huge problem

  • While listening to audio, time can become NaN:NaN.
  • Percentage for like and dislike ratio can become very low compared to high amounts.

This is pretty cool. I used to have to look at a small screen inside the toolbox but now I can see it so much more clearly. And the U.I is stylish and polished. Good work.

Well this is pretty awesome, I am happy that Roblox is upgrading these stuff after years of being left untouchable, and now it is completely modern, I bet you that this will help the dev community in many ways

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Massive improvement on the very old library, but, this may be due to it being a soft launch, is it meant to be missing links back to other pages?

For me, at least, there isn’t a (toggle) sidebar or any links to other parts of the website, which makes it seem detached.

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What do you mean by “other website”. Are you referring to

By “other pages/parts”, I mean any other section of the Creator Dashboard or even the homepage.

If you’ve gone to the Marketplace, the only way to get back to your inventory or list of games, as far as I can tell, is to open a new tab or manually input the URL - which is slightly annoying.


I like it! Doesn’t look like 2015 UI now i guess

Summarized the above and below posts as well!

• Audio bar cuts off with long description
• NaN:NaN:NaN Audio Duration error
• Like-to-dislike ratio can be false
• Comments no longer present
• easier way to return to games list/backpack
• Search model by group
• Sort By Recently Updated would be nice
• an easier way to get Audio ID instead of “Try in Studio”
• Asset genre


A current pain point is getting audio ID’s from the marketplace. Currently we have to add to inventory then click more info and then copy sound ID from address bar.

As a user I would like to be able to click a button and have the id copied to my clipboard.

The “Try in Studio” button is particularly irrelevant for sounds and it would be nice if it functioned as a copy button instead.

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I saw this on the ‘Bloxy News’ twitter page, it brings a much needed modernization to the Creator Marketplace and asset library. I have a couple of questions though:

  • Will this eventually be replacing the old creator marketplace interface? (

  • Will other parts of the “Develop” branch of the website (Create - Roblox) be modernized too?



Thanks for flagging this. We are aware of a discrepancy in some ratings counts, and will have a solution in place before we open the new web experience more widely.


Light mode, light mode, light mode.
Is it even planned for the new redesigned creator website?