New dark Roblox homepage design that I made in photoshop

Hello everyone! According to some requests, I drew a dark version of my design for the main page of Roblox:

White version: New Roblox design that I made in photoshop


Ayyyy you made a dark theme lets go!

That looks awesome!
Now my eyes aren’t in pain. :joy:

I find dark mode so much better the colours fit perfectly with the dark theme as well.

Awesome job man. Keep up the amazing work.

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That looks stunning! If you’re ever planning to release it to the public for people to use, I’m sure it’d become really popular. Keep it up!

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Yooo that’s awesome! You got the nice little Game Icons as well! Great job creating this!

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I could see this being a successful interface that could be used by roblox. Make sure they credit you if they use it :smile:

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