New "Dev Chat" Plugin

I have created a plugin that gives you access to a custom cross-place chat in studio, there are multiple servers you can connect to so whether you want to talk to other developers or get help without even leaving studio, there are also DM’s so if a server is too packed for your liking you can click someone’s username and activate a DM with them they also need to click your username. You can also upload images, send messages in anonymous mode, and more

I have created a video showcasing/explaining the plugin so you can check out here

I created this plugin with @KadenScripts and we spent a lot of time making this so we’d love it if you can check out the plugin and even share it to some friends

You can download the plugin here: Dev Chat [BETA V1.15] - Roblox

EDIT: The plugin is currently obfuscated for temporary security I completely understand if you don’t trust it because of that, you can check back in a few days to a week and we should have an update that won’t require us to obfuscate the code, we just figured out a solution we just need to “make it”

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see more in the video


How is cross chat possible?? Really curious.

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How would this complete with current methods?

  • Dev forum, Talent Hub, Discord, Twitter, Emailing, Other methods.

You can make it for robux but it must be opensourced.


It uses custom API’s, how the API’s work exactly I cant explain because the co-developer @KadenScripts did the API’s

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Do you mean external web servers?

who is hosting the servers lol

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It’s not made to be a “competitor” its something a little different a chat in studio, if you are in the middle of something and want help or just to chat without leaving studio

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I’d never had to recall ever not leaving studio to get help?
And if I’m working with a team and I need help, Discord or the current Studio Chat would suffice.

I don’t see a use in this for me since you have so many alternatives to the Studio team chat, but might be useful to someone else.


This looks super cool and like a lot of fun!

Yeah no thank you


its obfuscated so when people open the plugin as you just did… they can’t steal it…

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I kinda got a déjà vu right now…
DevChat | Communicate using Roblox Studio - Resources / Community Resources - DevForum | Roblox

I’ve never seen this I guess I didn’t do this first

I am hosting the servers on my end and all of the data is sent and reciveved there.

People shouldn’t be installing obfuscated plugins - it’s a huge trust issue.


Dude its Awsome! how did you made that! are people allowed to take that?

Totally understandable, but we need to find a way to keep our external APIs keys secure. While obfuscating isn’t the best option as it still can be bypassed we just did that for now. I know you have messed around with APIs and stuff in the past so if you would like to message me on discord I would be more than happy to talk.


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Not really a good selling point.

  1. This causes trust issues
  2. This category is meant for open-source assets, not obfuscated open-source assets

Then implement a different and more secure (send-and-receive, etc) method of communicating with your servers. This isn’t a good excuse for hiding the plugin source. If anything, upload the source to GitHub and remove the API keys if you can’t do what I said above.


Can you message me on discord I would love to talk