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DevChat | Alpha


What is DevChat?

DevChat is a plugin for Roblox Studio, which lets you communicate with other users in real-time. It’s inspired by Discord, WhatsApp, etc.

Why should I use it?

It’s an easier way of communicating and having your messages persist only in the project, that you are currently working on. Being able to use already uploaded images to Roblox is also a huge benefit.


DevChat has the following features:

  • Emoji Reactions
  • Sending images via Roblox image asset id
  • A help page
  • The option to delete all past conversation data
  • Mentions (using @) get hightlighted


Many thanks to @Chahier for helping me during the development.


This plugin is in Alpha and has not yet been tested extensively. Please be aware of potential bugs.

Some Images


Nice work man.
This is a nice upgrade from the current team create chat and I’m loving the UI.
Keep on making cool stuff like this.


wow. ive got to install this when i get on PC!

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have you got a link for the plugin that you can send me?

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Please look at the help section of my plugin first, before asking about this. As stated in there, the plugin’s source is minified when I compile it from TypeScript to Luau code.
Bildschirmfoto 2021-08-07 um 20.01.58
Simply pulling up an online Lua beautifier should make it readable.
The plugin is also not asking for permission to edit scripts etc


Sure: DevChat - Roblox

Oh alright. Did you minify it to prevent copy and paster’s making a backdoor version?

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Partly. It also reduces file size and was a fun exercise to improve my bash and GitHub Actions skills.

Probably not using this since discord already exists for me, but hey! There are even custom features that I do not use to see in roblox chats like the one of sending images via asset id, that’s pretty original and it would even be suitable for not only dev chats but also normal chats.

And oooohhh man, what can I say about that UI, beautiful.


This is sick! This is much better than the Roblox team create chat. Will definitely use this!

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Just to ensure, did you remember to use TextService:FilterStringAsync?

TextService:FilterStringAsync is intentionally disabled by Roblox in Studio. They don’t filter user input either. No worries, there is no chance that Roblox’s automated place scanning tool is going to be able to detect profanity because the data gets encoded.
Read the whole discussion about this topic:

“Since Studio itself while in play solo/test mode, there is no ability to filter. So even Roblox’s own Chat while in a play solo/test mode, is completely unfiltered.”

Both Chat:FilterStringForBroadcast() and chat:FilterStringAsync() still exist and can be used.

This is actually the one developers are supposed to use.

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You can’t get the player instance in Roblox Studio unless you are in a Team Create session. The paragraph at the bottom explicitly states “game” and not plugin.

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That doesn’t work. Not even Roblox’s built-in animation editor filters user input, so I think I’m safe
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I have seen this, I don’t know if it does this, but does it have a typing indicator for when another person is typing?

Kind of useless when you have discord, but good job anyways.


Nope, it doesn’t have that at the moment. Could be a feature worth adding in the future, though

I wrote a whole paragraph on why it’s worth using.

#resources:community-resources is meant for feedback. This is not valuable feedback.

Does this save chat history? I so plan on using this due to team create chat keeps breaking.