New DevForum and Roblox Groups!

Hey developers,

Recently, we’ve made some expansions regarding our community surrounding the Developer Forum Game Jams and Challenges. As these events become more common, we’ve implemented some more outlets for getting caught up on information regarding these events!

First off, we’ve made a new DevForum group! This group will specifically be for people who would like to be notified when we have a new update regarding any of our future Challenges. This means, in posts where we have updates regarding challenges, the group will be mentioned.

If you’d like to be notified when we make updates on Challenges on the Forum, you can join Game-Jammers here:

Secondly, we’ve also created a Roblox group for any developers who are interested in receiving updates through that channel as well. Any and all developers are encouraged to join the group!

If you would like to join this group, you can do so here:

We hope that these channels of information will help to make updates both easier to find, and more accessible to our entire community!

Happy developing!


Is this group open to all- or only DevForum members?

Regardless, I’m glad that there’s an official group for DevForum now, one was needed. Joining right away.


This is great, but why don’t you instead talk with the owners of the much larger group? I think they would be happy to make it official, along with the discord server:


Awesome! Thanks for the info Moxyll! This new Edition seems coolio!


Wait I’m actually confused. is this, really the new official group? what

you can join the group by clicking the join button. No request or someting. Random people can join the group.

oh wait I just read the group Desc, ok.

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Are higher resolution versions of this group’s logo available anywhere? After the creation of new Studio logo, the marketing materials no longer provide newer ones.


thanks B)
i think roblox is upgrading to best of the develeopers community


With the btr roblox plugin I basically get the notifications of a shout instantly, it’ll be way easier to catch up on anything new now :smiley:


I feel like this is good because we can get to know more about Game Jams so we have a better chance of getting into them/Know about them easier.


This is an amazing addition to the DevForum. However, I was wondering if there will be different ranks coming to the group. For example a rank for member, regular, editor, etc. Otherwise, I can’t wait to see where this group will go!


A discord server could be much cooler and much faster to receive updates with @ everyone pings lol :boom:


Very great idea Roblox! However, anyone can join this one. Is this intentional?


Yeah, as others mentioned, is this for the entire community? Or only for DevForum members? Just wanted to make this clear.

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Developers does not equal devForum members, that group does not specify if its devForum community (“Roblox Developer community”) ok


Oh thanks for letting me know. LOL. I was confused, thanks.

Would really be cool if this was “DevForum members only” type group and if it had the roles which DevForum has (ex: Members, Regular, etc). Similar to how the (Unofficial DevForum group) works where a user has to be a member in Devforum to get it. But either way, sounds amazing to finally get a Official Devforum group! Looking forward for the future of Roblox and the developers! :slight_smile:


Thank you, we’ve needed an official group for a long time, at least I no longer have to join unofficial groups!

It’s also nice to have a Game Jammers group… I wonder when the next challenge will be

Good job DET!

Based on the mention of “Any and all developers” in the OP & “All members of the community are invited to join” in the group’s description, it’s likely to remain open for any user on the platform. I tried joining the group on my alt, which has never logged into the Developer Forum, and the account was accepted immediately.

CC @jmkd3v
@Crazedbrick1 posted an extremely high quality version a while back, in addition to the logo without the gradient:


This isn’t exactly like the official logo though, they probably used a graphics design program such as Lunacy to make it, the official version has a drop shadow and inner shadow (on the left side only). Plus the colours aren’t exactly right.

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Thanks! This is a cool addition to the DevForum. I’ll be waiting for the next challenges. Hopefully, they will be cool!