New Endorsed Models in Toolbox!

None of those are uploaded by Roblox.


Veeerrryy interesting. Hopefully, this will bring a new spark to both people who need models for game creation and to people who just need something to base off of and make their own version of. Going to be honest - It’s good research material. Along with that, The models (Especially on the cars) Look outstanding. Great job.

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I used this sort:


To get these results, meaning Roblox must have created them.

Even though the account isn’t Roblox in that it isn’t the official “ROBLOX” account, it’s pretty clear with the filters above that the account was in conjunction with Roblox and are not separate entities.

@Rdite let me know of example places which I’m pretty sure were used to test vehicles uploaded on the account.

Using all evidence provided above, it is most likely uploaded by Roblox.

Wow way better than the old ones however the thing i don’t like is most of the models are very advanced and new devs may have a hard time tinkering with them trying to learn from that.


Well, they have the new Attributes feature used in them so new devs don’t need to browse the scripts to change something as they stated in the post below. They can just change stuff in properties without having the need to go into the code.

yes that true but it doesn’t teach them anything.

This is amazing for new developers looking for non-infected models and original models and now they can use this to improve there game and development skills overall! :clap:


More endorsed models is a great way for users to be safe when using Studio however the community should be allowed to apply their models in for this scheme so we can have a much longer list of endorsed models.

Ive actually had the supercar model saved to my computer way before this even released! Thats really interesting. I’ll make sure to use a few of these!

I’ve had the model because I found it after looking around in the battle royale templates for the dune buggy car. I accidentally found the supercar instead :sweat_smile: I think I had the dune buggies from the battle royale saved at some point but I probably deleted them.

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I am wondering how would I get that badge. xD

Yeah no they were outsourced. I made the vehicles. The badge was for a different program.


Good to know, thanks. I had a suspicion they were outsourced and now I have confirmation from the creator themselves! Lovely vehicles, by the way.

I tested out the vehicles and they actually feel amazing to handle! Vehicles have always been a weak point in development for me even though I want to integrate them into a few projects I’m working on, especially my roleplay games. These vehicles are all finished up and they can serve as a reference point for creating custom appearances on the chassis. :flushed:

Super grateful to the staff and developers behind this feature for releasing such amazing assets for us to work with. I am especially excited to dissect the cars and admire their use of attributes. Thinking maybe I can learn how to code a vehicle using these materials as well.

No, it wouldn’t be better to announce there. The blog isn’t for development updates and resources, it’s more of a talk space about the platform. There’s no harm in using free models and these are actually good assets that you can use either for learning or production value.


Is this why I saw a forum post a bit back on a unofficial forum saying that the endorsed vehicles led to dead links? Why was the devhub page up before these were live
Edit: The Vehicle Kits page is now down. It still appears in search but I remember those models leading to dead links. Here was the articles page:


I feel like more people need to hear this because new developers are usually shamed for using them and a lot of people think free models are automatically “viruses”. People must realize not all free models are dangerous per se, and using them completely okay.

My advice though is to just be selective and careful on what free models are added into your game, and also do good inspection on them to ensure they’re safe to use.


Finally! We can have cars already scripted.

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It is, they are pretty high quality as well, especially the nature pack


There used to be a Motorcycle and Helicopter apart of this set of vehicles. Any ideas of when we could be seeing those released?


How will we change the speed on the vehicles?


Name is not the same, but why do they show up when you filter to 1 creator?

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