New Endorsed Models in Toolbox!

Maybe they aren’t publicly releasing them yet? But I’m not to sure.

There is a bug in the search where the CreatorID (in this case ROBLOX) is not filtered properly. The fix will roll out soon.


The older endorsed models are from the community. We will consider how we might include more community models for new endorsed content going forward.


Credit goes to Orlando777 for the original car bodies. We optimized the car bodies by combining parts that shared the same material, to reduce the total part count. We also developed a new chassis for the vehicles, developed proximity prompts, improved physics, etc. so it was a team effort all around.

Orlando you did a great job on the models!


The endorsed models are safe to use, and we are working on methods to make sure new toolbox content and plugins that are created by the community are safe to use. This is a work-in-progress.

Separately - I’ve built and released many commercial games outside of Roblox, and it is not that unusual to purchase a model from a library to use in a project. No shame in using free content if you are creating a unique experience, especially if you are learning as you work with them!

I’d like to release the chassis separately so you can attach any car body to the chassis.


We’d like to release a 2nd set of vehicles, no date set yet for this.


Please don’t endorse community models with robux scams in them again


This seems nice, but I’m wondering why Roblox didn’t include the NPCs in the CPC tech demo.

Those are all assembled from existing characters you can find in the catalog.


Just like the guns from a bit ago. I think this may be a part of a preset. (like the battle royale and with the guns)

I like it. I buy all models for free. I test it and some cars are cool

OK, Just one other question: how did the CPC developers script the traffic cars? Could they be released in another pack soon? My computer’s a bit too slow to run the RBXM CPC tech demo file to look into the code. I’m guessing they used a RocketPropulsion?

Much needed models! Thanks to the team at roblox for adding them to toolbox!

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Thanks for these new models! I don’t usually use free models, but the nature pack is really nice and I suck at modeling so I just might use it.

However, I’m a bit disappointed that the foliage can’t be recolored. I am making a space game that has some weird colors, but all of the foliage models are green, which isn’t ideal. I know this is a limitation of SurfaceAppearance itself and not just these models, but the ability to recolor them would be very useful. It’s not that big of a deal though, I can just download the textures, recolor them, and reupload them.

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they’re amazing this has a lot of potential too so I can’t wait for any more in the future
edit: I wonder if with this attribute feature they could add a visual scripter in the future

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This is something I’m sure they or anyone could do already. In fact, I’ve thought about coding a plugin like that myself. I don’t currently have the time for that, but perhaps one day.

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Was this an error? When the walk button shows green, the light for cars show green too.
It also shows red on the traffic light when it says “Don’t Walk”.

That’s because if cars are going straight, pedestrians may walk safely along side those cars. But this is only true for intersections that separate direct crossing and turns. It would be nice if it had a turn light though. Of course it’s more than possible to modify it to do so.


Am I stupid or am I not the only one who can’t manage to use the cars. When I try to drive them they don’t move, as if they are anchored.

Also, is there an easy way to change the textures? Can we maybe get the UV maps for the cars? So I can do something like this:

As far as I checked, the doors etc. had their own texture. I was just wondering if I could make this into a police car or something simillar. Thank you for any answers :slight_smile:

Looks like the police car here also us made up of different textures, yet it “looks like one texture”/it looks seemless.

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Yeah, I was wondering if you still did these. But, they’re all by ROBLOX. Why is this? Anyways, I’m glad that kiddos will be able to throw together competent looking games now without spending months learning how to 3D model.

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