New Event Sequencer Developer Module

Hi everyone,

We are thrilled to release the Event Sequencer developer framework to help you create events on Roblox more easily and efficiently.

What is the Event Sequencer?

Event Sequencer simplifies the process of building and hosting live, cross-server events on a structured framework. By providing a customizable module to help you sequence actions, events and triggers based on a timeline, complex coding challenges become manageable, movable pieces.

More specifically, this tool helps you:

  • Build an event on a structured framework by setting up configurations for audio, animations, and tweens on a schedule or on intervals.
  • Transition between multiple scenes across multiple servers, synchronizing complex animations and visuals to a timeline.
  • Easily move players from one place to another by loading them into different map-based environments.
  • Enable players to join an event even after it has already begun.
  • Seek through specific timestamps within an event and preview the experience for testing and development purposes.

This feature originated from our experience building the Lil Nas X concert where we learned about the challenges of transitioning between multiple scenes as well as, and synchronizing complex animations and visuals to a timeline.

The new Event Sequencer developer tool has gone through various versions while in beta and battle-tested in past music experiences including the Twenty One Pilots Concert Experience and the 24KGoldn Concert Experience, to name a few.

How do I get access to it?

We have made it easier than ever to create an event of your own. You can find the Event Sequencer module embedded in a pre-made music venue readily available in the Studio Templates tab under ‘Concert’. You can easily make modifications to the space and publish a music event of your own in a matter of hours!

Alongside the Event Sequencer, the Concert Template also includes other useful dev modules such as the merch booth, emote bar, photo booth, and more for you to incorporate into your event.

Documentation and Resources

Future Plans

Currently, the Event Sequencer can only be used in a new experience. For our next milestone, we plan to enable the inline insertion of the Event Sequencer as a dev module into existing experiences.

A big shout out to the team that made this come to life: @FilD0n, @Rainarch, @ImNotReallyTheHuman, @LittleEel0621, @EatsPho, @Marshlands5000, @poppyphizzy, @Wiggletsunami, @AZKOolKAt, @SolarCrane, @BitFist, @Pluto1519, @gochaos29

[Update] September 6, 2022


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This is game-changing as I’m someone who loves lighting and concerts, I’ll be experimenting with this for days!


Seems really interesting! I will definitely consider using this for my next live event. It’s nice that we have a template for everything.


This seems cool!
Will we be able to use this for things like AI and round-based games as well?
Or is this solely meant for concerts and such?


This is amazing, you love to see it hope we can get more updates like this. Will we be receiving a live even template aswell, I assume people can follow through with the concert and edit it to act as a live event.
Overall great update and cant wait to see what people do with it.


Video doesnt work :sad:

It affects everyone

Help @AZKOolKAt


At first I thought this was some OP RBXSignalEvent handler haha

Interesting framework and really well made, hopefully we’ll see more official frameworks like these for other genres to encourage better scripting habits

Except for…



why video is doesnt work


Doesn’t work for me either :disappointed_relieved:

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After investigating through everything, I gotta say for something as complicated as a concert, this sure simplifies it down as much as possible while still keeping everything customizable. Hopefully this allows much more games to host their own special events in the future!


I was wondering, if we didn’t want to directly take the module from the toolbox, would it not be possible to provide
game:GetObjects(10275206195)[1].Parent = workspace

which pratically does the same thing but is less clicks

Also, requiring a plugin to view CollectionService tags still seems a bit weird, why has this not been built directly into Studio yet.


A great update. Thanks roblox! :grinning:


Finally, Something we wished that we had sooner so long ago :sweat_smile:


Loving this recent trend of Roblox releasing modular features that can easily be integrated into existing games. Looking forward to experimenting with this as well as the new selfie mode module that was recently released.


The video doesn’t work as much, but it sounds interesting.


I was just thinking about the possibility of hosting events of some sort on my games! Perfect timing


Is the Event Sequencer module supposed to be only for music/concerts or can it be used for other things?

Also, I literally had a live event for my game today, you guys must be trolling me

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Is the event less buggy then last time?, it was so horrifying last time, lol it scared me, kinda like a fnaf jumpscare.