[NEW] EXPERIMENTAL CEL building style (With instructions)

For my game I’ve tried to accomplish a cartoony “low poly” look and have found that combining it with a layer of black forcefield adds a sort of cel shading effect… This Coupled with roblox terrain gave me this effect:

Here is the game link if you want to take a more in-depth look at everything:

Feedback is greatly appreciated!


  1. Firstly, Get a mesh, Have two copies of it (in the same position)
  2. Secondly, Chose one of the copies (Copy1), resize it from the center making the mesh slightly larger than the other (Copy2), as a result covering the other mesh,
  3. Lastly, set the material and color to black forcefield.

CELTutorial.rbxl (2.8 MB)


It looks so good man! Did you use blender for it?

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Thank you! And I don’t really use blender so for the terrain I used Cinema 4D.

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If so, it still looks awesome, like I have nothing else to say but “wow!”

Keep up the good work man!


Thank you! I appreciate it :smiley:

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Look’s Good, keep up the good work!

I’ve never heard of that technique. Is there a tutorial for it on YouTube or on the dev forum somewhere? Anyways, your build looks amazing.:+1:

It looks super good! The part I liked the most is how you surround the map with mountains to make it feel continuous and adds a feeling of it being bigger.

Thank you ! :+1:

Nope there’s no video to my knowledge, I just experimented with certain materials & Textures.Thank you anyways!! :+1:

Thank you! Much Appreciated! :smiley:


Yes Yes Yes.
Good work and never used Cinema 4D. I’m cheating on Blender with Maya and Mudbox atm.

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This looks beautiful! I absolutely adore the cell shaded style in games and it is amazing that you have achieved this in Roblox! :smile:

woah I love the lighting of the atmosphere and the constructions. Good job

Thank you and it’s all about prefference really, for me cinema 4d controls are just easier since it’s the programme i first started with.

Thank you so much! :smiley:
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Thanks for the compliments :smile:

I feel ya, Cinema 4D is widely known as the easiest autodesk software without all the dumb shizam Maya does.
I’d suggest open sourcing this if you don’t plan to expand or modify this, cool work.

I will open source it as soon as i get some time to do so.

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You didn’t opensource it: Insert frowny face here.