New game "Anime Armory" open for testing

Hi everyone,

I made a post a couple weeks ago about a new game of mine that I was planning to open up for testing later on. Here’s a brief overview if you aren’t aware of what the game is about:

Quick Summary

The game features a world where players can wield powers and weapons from various different anime shows (non-anime items are included too). Defeat enemies, complete bounties, and receive rare materials in order to obtain these items! Upgrade and unlock abilities to grow your power/weapon even further. Player combat (pvp) is enabled and encouraged, so don’t hesitate to test your strength against others!


Now that I’ve made some changes and new additions, I’d like to hear what your thoughts on the game are! Please let me know especially of any game-breaking bugs or parts of the game that may feel unbalanced. Of course, any general feedback or thoughts you’d like to provide are welcome as well.

Game link: