Upcoming Anime RPG - Looking for testers!

Hi everyone! :wave:


My name’s Alimegacorn and for the past 2 months I’ve been working on a game of mine as a hobby. I’ve enjoyed watching anime for several years and after seeing how popular the topic is on this platform, I wanted to put my own spin on the genre. I’ve taken inspiration from many games you’ve probably enjoyed yourselves such as Blox Fruits while also pulling ideas from industry games including Genshin Impact and more. For those of you who may not enjoy the anime genre but just want a good RPG experience, I’ve included some features that have been part of many classical RPGs too. In essence, this game I’ve been working on combines all the things I’ve been passionate about in and outside of this platform, and I’d love for you guys to check it out!


The game revolves around a core progression system of completing bounties. These bounties are kill quests that require defeating normal, elite, and boss level mobs that are scattered around the open world. Defeat these monsters and complete the bounties to receive rare and unique materials! These materials can be exchanged with NPCs to obtain powers and weapons from your favorite anime series. Upgrade existing abilities and unlock new ones to grow your power/weapon even further. Once you’ve become comfortably powerful enough, engage in pvp combat with other players! End game combat can be mechanically intensive, so any hardcore players can enjoy the game too. For those who are more interested in grinding and collecting, I’ve put effort in making the reward system more interesting and satisfying, so don’t feel left out!

Interested in testing?

The game is nearing release and I’m looking for testers to bug test, balance, and polish the game. Before I open the game to the public and put up sponsors, I’d like to share the game with the DevForum and hear your thoughts! If you’re interested, here’s the game link:

(the game icon, thumbnail, title, and description are all placeholders and will be changed lol)


If you gave the game a shot, please let me know about your thoughts! There were many parts of the game that were buggy, unbalanced, or outright game-breaking and I could have easily missed some of these issues. If you encounter any of the mentioned problems, let me know! Otherwise, if you’d like to share any general thoughts I’m completely open to those as well. Thanks for sharing!


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Heyy! I really like your game! I was wondering if I can be the tester! My discord is: Demestous#0703 Hope you hire me!

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