New Game Idea! Hyperspace: (A Devlog)

Hey! Me and my team have begun work on a new sci-fi game! I would love your feedback on the idea!
The game is an MMORPG set in space. Similar to EVE Online but on Roblox. The backstory of the game: Humanity is forced into deep space after the sun incinerates earth. You spawn in a large space station, you can choose one of several things.

  1. Own a business in the station. Provide supplies and gear to passing players.
  2. Be a pilot. Defend the galaxy and explore. You can make money by collecting resources off of planets.
  3. Be a freighter. Collect orders from the main station and ship them across the galaxy to far reaching outposts.
  4. Space Police. Protect the galaxy from dangerous pirates.
  5. Pirate. Avoid police and smuggle cargo to secret bases.
    And many more options later in the development such as, Governor, Diplomat, and other government related positions.

Development so far:
I have a team of five people working with me on the game at the moment. The game is four weeks into development already has several features.

Uploading: robloxapp-20221013-1356086.wmv…
Uploading: robloxapp-20221013-1405414.wmv…

Kliptor Space Base

If you are interested in working with us on this project join our team on the Talent Hub
or DM me on Discord: robot2007#7879


What does everyone think? More work has been done. Reply if interested in seeing more images.


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