New Game Sort: "Recommended For You"

Ooh, what about allowing the user to drag around the rows themselves?


While I understand Roblox’s efforts to bring us more personalized game sorts, none of them matched what I am looking towards on Roblox. I am looking towards an obby like Super Check Point Remastered, with secrets and power-ups that make the game interesting. Yet none of my recommended games remotely matched that from their titles/thumbnails.


This is great, but I’m not a big fan of where it is.

I used to favorite games because I want to see them all the time, now they’re somewhere down. That’s sad.

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What is the difference between “Recommended For You” and “Recommended”? Also, none of the games I play are similar to the ones on my “Recommended For You” page. How does the system keep track of what I play and what gets on my “Recommended for You”? I’m kinda confused, and someone explain to me this? Thanks!


I’m assuming “Recommended for You” is based on the user’s game choice/activity. “Recommended” might be based on something the players exhibit they all share in common when playing that game, or some other factor.


It needs a lot of work.


I am going to review my recommendations:

Emergency Response: Yeah good recommendation, except I’ve played this multiple times. I don’t need it recommended to me: :x:
Skyblox: Played for a few minutes, I was interested in continuing to play so… :white_check_mark:
Bleach: Soul of End: I’ve played several Anime games and have left quickly. I am not a big Anime fan so… Not the game for me. :x:
Zeppelin War: It looks interesting, I’d probably check it out. :white_check_mark:
Work at a Pizza Place: Once again, a game I’ve played before, I want to find new games. :x:
Strucid: I play this game often. :x:
Notoriety: Looks interesting enough for me to check it out. :white_check_mark:
Ro-Force: Looks cool, I’ll check it out. :white_check_mark:
Arsenal: Played it before once, but only for a minute. I’ll let this pass, I’d probably check it out further. :white_check_mark:
Avatar: The Last Airbender: I am a little surprised Roblox would recommend a game that may be infringing on copyright. I’ve played this game before and have left quickly after not liking it. :x:
Wizard Tycoon: I don’t like tycoons. :x:
Boxing Club: It doesn’t look very appealing or professionally displayed, so I probably wouldn’t try it. Also, I am not much of a boxing fan. :x:
Murder Mystery 2: Played it before: :x:
Super Villain Tycoon: I don’t like tycoons. :x:
GON ENDEAVOR: Looks interesting, I’d probably try it out. :white_check_mark:
Mortem Metallum: Looks interesting, I’d probably try it out. :white_check_mark:
Castle Rock: The icon or the title don’t describe the game much, so I probably wouldn’t check it out. :x:
Lee Lineage: It doesn’t interest me. :x:
Mad City: I’ve played it before and have left quickly. :x:

Overall, it needs some work. I am curious since this sort is new does it need time to gather more data on us?


Does the recommended for you sort includes games we’ve already/recently played, rated, or favourited?


I’ve looked in this recommended page and actually most of the games there are games that I’d actually check out. I hope this gets improved even more in the future!

It does, I can see some of my favorited games in there.


I like the idea but my recommended promotes all sorts of tycoons and games that don’t look like something I would play. Might need improvement :+1:


This update is really neat but odd at the same time.

I have no idea why do we have another recommended tab just for me.

At least I appreciate it.


Does this include games that are played by your friends? If so this would make a lot more sense.


I’ve wanted personalized ads for a while
This is a lot less creepy!



I don’t think you should judge the system too harshly yet. It’s relatively new, and will (hopefully) start providing better results once it is fleshed out.
edit: the sort seems to have poofed for now?


Will there be a way to, in the future, flag a game as “Don’t recommend”? I know that while it may take some time for any sort of algorithm to gather data using any updated parameters, perhaps having such a function would allow the sort to get more accurate more quickly.

Edit: I also don’t appreciate moving the Favorites bar to the bottom of the homepage. If it could swap places with the Recommended bar that would be great.


Not to mention the system itself probably hasn’t been tracking what type of games you play long enough to be able to determine accurate recommendations. I think the more you play specific games, the more likely it is to recommend similar games to you in the future. It wouldn’t be possible to predict the perfect recommendations straight away on release unless they were tracking that data long before.


Honestly, I’m so glad that this is a new sort now. I’ve always wanted to be able to play games recommended for me that aren’t always on the Popular sort every single day. Goodbye simulators!

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The sort seems to have disappeared most likely because they’re updating it


I don’t think writing down the games you personally dislike or those you like in this topic will change anything. Nor do I think it’s relevant.
I’m not a good programmer, but I’d assume it’ll adapt itself to whatever you play starting from when they activated this feature (unless they already recorded earlier). It’ll need time to do so, if that were the case, to analyse which games you open and play. Correct me if I’m wrong! Haha

And if you want to share your personal thoughts on games, it’s best not to just say “I’m not interested in …” or “I’m tired of …”, but fill it up with relevant statements why you think it’s not a fun game and elaborate on that thoroughly.

That being said, I do like this concept! I hope this will allow newer games to reach a broader audience while keeping the players entertained in their favourite genre(s). :slight_smile:

Edit: Just a suggestion: would it be an idea to filter out games that are already showing on the Home page and those which the player has favourited?

Otherwise it’s 1 or more spot(s) wasted to a game the player already knows.


Actually, it seems like the sort moved to the Home page rather than the Games page.