New Game Sort: "Recommended For You"

Was the sort disabled? When will it be back? Some of the games it recommended to me were surprisingly interesting, compared to the old recommended sort showing the same thing.

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This is awesome to hear! Definitely a step in the right direction for game discovery!

Hopefully we will be able to have a sort filter.

This announcement got me confused for a second because the sort seems to have been disabled now, so it’s not visible anymore. Could you update the announcement to reflect that it’s not enabled?


You’d think it would be obvious at this point, or maybe roblox just doesn’t care. Adding genre sort would fix so many of the issues and complaints people have been having.


I definitely consider this to have been a big improvement for the Recommended sort, which tended to have a lot of clickbait looking games that glitched their way to the top of the sort. Recommending games based on user activity not only specifies recommendations making them more accurate, but actually seems to be giving proper games a chance of standing out. Good job!


The “Recommended for you” Game Sort update is okay, but I will like to see a Genre Sort for finding games that have a certain genre like FPS, Roleplay or Adventure.

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McDonalds Tycoon has been on my recommended for 4 years lol. Glad to see this finally changed.


It’s testing for Super Blocky Ball 2, you uncultured swine! just kidding lol

Jokes aside, I really do hope that this is finally a better recommended sort.


This update is good. But it doesn’t show the types of game I usually play. I’ve noticed that it only gets games that have a low player count. I don’t know if it is just me?

EDIT: It keeps showing these exact games:

Yes, it’s not long until algorithms rule my life - thank you.
Also great update, well done!

Hmm, I’m not sure if I like this replacing the old recommended sort. From what I gather from the previous sort, it was based around player retention and return rates, which in turn meant the vast majority of the games on the recommended sort had good play potential.

Now looking at my own “Recommened for you” sort in contrast, I’m seeing a lot of random and odd games with little to no players in them and a lot of them seem to be low quality.

I get it that discovery is good but I don’t think the other recommended sort should have been replaced for this. The only thing that the old recommended sort desperately needed was for you guys to fix the issues where people were spoofing their game onto the top of recommended sort.


This is great! Now I will not have Piggy games, Piggy copies, and simulator games in recommended, now we have specialized recommended sections yay.

Really cool, this is a great way to keep players more interested.

I mean… Top Rated used to work fine, until it got bugged out and would no longer update.

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The only reason I don’t like this is that the favorites section has moved to the very bottom. I will probably adjust, but it would be cool if the favorites section was in the original place.

It wasn’t bugged, people used bots to rate their game to the top. Roblox made it approve-only according to KonekoKitten.

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Thanks a lot :smiley:

This proves that Roblox actually listens to the community and do what the community wants!

Finally I see games that I am actually interested in.

I just have one request, please bring back game genre filter, that would fix all the game discovery issues.


Any chance we can get VR sort back?

There’s definitely more of a market for it now, than there was when it was added in the first place.


I was wondering why my place visits shot up by three-fold earlier today!



That must feel very good to see your place visits go really up!

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im sorry but didnt this already exist?