New gfx i made, yay

hello devforum
made a new epic gfx

something happened with the bridge mesh on the fourth fence while i was editing it so yea. not made by me btw a free model it is.

katana isn’t mine either found it off of turbosquid


time taken: 1 hour posing, 30 min preparation, 20 min rendering, 10 min editing (2 hours in total)
made with: blender
rig: mattrbx ultimate rig (demo version)
edited with: photopea


SHEeeeeEEEEeeEEESH :cold_face: – coolest man

yes very epic gfx


very nice but the bridge doesn’t really fit with the person


i love how this looks :astonished: :star_struck: but is the cloths of the character really fit?

why it not fit in

what do you mean speak grammar please

The character looks a little off and I think that is because of the shading of the character. He looks a little bit too bright for the scene or its just me :sleepy:. Otherwise everything looks really nice :+1:

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supposed to convey a foggy and cold day, but with still some sunlight.

he was tryin’ to say cloths


This is great you should add him a face


no face really fit and when i tried using the rcc/rfmc face pack it became super pixelated.

you spelled it wrong

and im asking what does he mean by it doesnt fit.

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I agree this is epic.
The smoke effect is very well done.

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the bridge looks very blocky but the character looks very smooth

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oops did i say cloths i meant clothes sorry for the misspelling @IceTheOneAndOnly

I think he meant that “the clothes doesn’t fit the scene/character”

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I like it, the vibe is really cool and the smoke adds a lot.
do u do commissions?

I personally like the simplicity of this. The fog goes in nicely with the contrast from the character. You can tell they’re emerging from after fog and that looks sick.

However, I would make the scene a little closer in, so more of the character is emphasized. Unless you do something with the extra space, it feels off.

Questions to consider

  • Is he being chased?
  • Is he facing someone?
  • Is he on his way somewhere?

The goal of what you want it to look like is key, so think of it like a story.

I think it looks good, great job! I would maybe add a face to the character though.

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Looks awesome! Maybe add some blurry, snowy mountains in the background to give it the full look.

i already pointed that out.


no face looks good on him. so i gave him no face. it still looks good

i could, thanks for the suggestion. it was supposed to be more simple but i can add foggy silhouettes of mountains in the background.

what do you mean? camera more zoomed?

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Assuming you’re somewhat new to making renders, if you click on the Camera object that you use to make renders with, there will be a little “Camera” property on the menu to the right (unless you switched your default layout) and in there you can adjust the Focal Length (radius?) I forgot the name but I used it last night, but it basically works like FOV, and can zoom in the scene with the camera to give it more emphasize

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