New Group Details Page is Live!



I have to disagree, it would be completely optional + it would be useful to some groups that are owned by two or more people equally.


That causes more trouble for moderators in a situation when there are two owners claiming ownership of a group when and if they have a falling out. Don’t think they’d do such an update that would cause risks to players but also problems for the mods.


Yes, I’ve been waiting for group updates. No, I was not looking for a layout update. No, I’m not discontent with it either - it just needs its own respective polishing, as pointed out above, before it’s all gold and looks like the rest of the site.

It’ll take a while to get comfortable with, but this doesn’t honestly look that bad. I’m looking forward more towards these aforementioned functionality updates - here’s to hoping that said features will finally be looked at and groups will gain relevance again.


I’m waiting till the day when we can put group funds into separate holds for each group game so percentages can be given to developers proportionally and dev brands can finally make more than one game at once.


Big props to the team for tackling such an ambitious redesign. When you take a step back and really look at it, the Group page is a really daunting mountain of information and I think this is a great show of love to a page that badly needed it. I can’t wait to see more great changes :eyes:

Another big thanks to all of the constructive feedback so far! Keep it up :slight_smile:


Love it! RIP Clans. Hello 2019


Ok, here’s my full feedback for this change, from what I’ve seen so far.

First off, the order of the sections on the group page is completely off.
The order should be something along the lines of this:

The way it looks as of right now is just completely dis-organized, and it doesn’t have any flow to it nor does it make any sense.

Also, as I mentioned in my previous post:


I’m not sure how I feel about renaming allies ot affiliates.

It will help developers promote other projects they have worked on and gives a more professional look.

But it also removes the Roblox lore of group alliances, which is used a lot in social roleplay groups.


If we could at least have options to give certain ranks literally ALL of the abilities that the group holder has, such as changing the group icon/desc and such. That would be good enough


As initial feedback, something that this redesign does not allow which the old design did is the ability to determine how many members are at a given rank. Once a rank exceeds 9 members you have no metric to tell if they have 200 members, or 200,000 members at a given rank.

This is at times useful for me to determine the legitimacy of a given war group based on the distribution of their rank structure (are all but 20 members in the first 2 ranks?); in the redesign it would become tedious to determine this.



Aside from that, as most people covered, group games need to be more prominent.


Maybe they should allow us to customize our tabs? Including name and placement?


I agree that owners should have more control over the group and the permissions that can be given.


If you asked me about this before it happened, I would’ve said that I’d love to see the group page updated to the modern site UI. However, there’s quite a few things right now that prevent me from preferring it over the old one, despite the more modern-looking interface:

  • Most importantly (imo) - games aren’t shown by default. As someone who has a group for games, having a seperate page for this is definitely not ideal. I want to have the games shown shown in the group, but it’s no longer nearly as convenient to get to. (As a side note, games with universes still have broken playercounts).
  • Store and affiliates tabs should not be shown if not in use
  • The group members list feels awkward to navigate. Arrows should probably be shown at the right side like the game page has it.

& there’s wasted space just about everywhere. It feels way more bloated and inefficient to navigate than the old one, especially given things like group funds being shown (even though it’s bug). I want to like this, but I really hope it’s not released in the current state.


I really like how you don’t need to open a new page to view the catalog items for sale. I also hated that in the old feature. People are less likely to take a quick look if they need to open a new page.


Didn’t notice that thanks for pointing that out, that’s a huge difference I think we should be able to see the exact amount of members in a designated rank.

Yeah it would be tedious especially in the bigger groups.


The public wall feels more like an afterthought shoved at the bottom. I feel like it would look cleaner as a tab along with the store, games, affiliates, etc.


I agree, but Allies and Enemies is really exclusive to war groups. Perhaps if “Allow enemy declarations” it would default to “Allies”, otherwise “Affiliates”?



I definitely think the first tab should show the games.

When you look at a youtube channel the first thing they show you is the creators videos, that is what people are coming to the channel for. It has an “about page” which is the same as a description but people never look at it because that’s not what 80% of viewers come for.

Likewise on Roblox the games should be front and center because that’s what people look at the groups for.


After showing the new design to multiple big group owners (100k+ members), I’ve found that these points are the most common between their opinion:

  • Group games are very important to almost every group and should be visible without clicking a tab.
  • The store grid looks a bit weird (especially the padding) as it has more padding on the sides than top/bottom
  • The Affiliates tab should be re-named to Allies as when you click on the tab it still says Allies
  • (personal note) The left group selector doesn’t load in properly most times, doing this:image
  • (personal note) Mobile views are buggy and usually have overlapping/invisible UI


Really love the new layout! This is definitely a huge step up.
I agree with others that group games need to be front-and-center, they shouldn’t be hidden behind a tab.

Another issue is that links in the group description can no longer be clicked:

Overall though, I love where this is going and I’m looking forward to what’s coming in the future.