New Group Details Page is Live!



alright, I did not read all the replies so please pardon if I repeat anything.

I’m a user who uses the group page everyday, I check it multiple times every hour, I’m very active with my group, here is my first impressions on the updated group page

Store tab

the group store shows offsale assets, and you guys removed library assets from being visible.

It’s been a tradition in my group to have all the logos uploaded as decals, and they were our best selling products (20k+ takes each), I am upset they are not easily accessible anymore.

Group Stats

I would suggest having group stats all located in the same area, I believe it is counterproductive to have to look in multiple areas for information that should all be bundled together

I believe they should all below the group name because group stats such as group members are a huge influence in whether a user joins a group or not.

inconsistent wording

I think this is more of a bug, but Allies and Affiliates both refer to the same thing.

I personally believe affiliates is a better term than Allies because it get rid of the ‘war clan’ vibe.

edit: another example of it being referred to as Allies

Member Numbers


This is a overwhelming number, I had to do a double take to determine whether it was 3.16m or 316k

3,160,222 would be more ideal for usable sake.

Clickable Names

Currently, you cannot click a user’s username to quickly go to their profile, you can only click their profile picture

On the home page, you are able to go to a users profile by clicking their username

Unable to see individual ranks member count

This is what it currently looks like when you select a rank

it tells you the entire group’s member count, instead of the individual rank’s member count. There is currently no way to see how many users exist in an individual rank anymore

I would suggest changing ‘Members: 126k’ to ‘Traders: ??k’ since the member count is a repeated stat, and showing the individual rank’s member count is very important feature.

Rank name gets cut off

Rank names get cut off, I am sure this has something to do with scaling across platforms, but on PC you have all this unused estate, can we not get the full rank name visible?

responding to other feedback

I agree with this

In the old group page, the allies, enemies, social media, game tab would not appear if they were not in used, I believe they should restore this functionality too. (iirc the store tab always showed regardless, however it should not)

I do not agree with this order, I personally believe the order they have right now is pretty solid with the exception of group shout, I think it should be visible regardless of what tab you are under (Right now it is exclusive to the ‘About’ Tab)

I do not agree that either social media links or group description is more important than group shout.

Shout > Desc > Media links > wall is the my ideal layout.

additional comments:

  • the clan functionality is being removed completely it appears? It did not serve a purpose anymore, just curious.
  • I did not suggest new feature ideas, just suggestions based on what is currently there, will you guys be taking feature request soon?


Loving the new group details page especially on mobile! With a bit more work, I believe the group’s redesign can be even 10 times better on larger screens through some reorganization.


  1. Increase width of groups list by 30 pixels as it makes a huge difference in being able to see many group names. Right now almost every single group name on my list is cut off which can be annoying to look at.

  2. Move the “Create Group” button to the bottom or top of the groups list freeing up quite a bit of space at the top of the screen.

  3. Move the funds count to the top and right of the user’s rank as it will save quite a bit of room height wise and it makes more sense rather than it being all by itself.


A few issues I’m noticing personally:

  • Games should be top priority when viewing the group page in my opinion. I use my group as a catalog for all of my games like many others do & requiring people to click through tabs to find them is definitely going to effect my player count.

  • Games aren’t ordered by which are made active first. I usually used this to put my newest game as the first option. Now they’re ordered based on which game was created first, however maybe ordering them based on the latest updates would be more beneficial.

  • Not as big of an issue but you can no longer see how many people are in each rank.

  • Overall the entire design just feels massive. It definitely looks better on mobile but for computers its so largely spaced out. I feel like most younger kids won’t even know there is a group wall unless they accidentally scroll down too far because their main focus will be on switching tabs to store and games.


It’s definitely a better experience than before, but I would really, REALLY like to be able to move around the individual panels. For a development group, it would make sense to have the list of games be the first visible thing, but for something like a YouTube channel’s group, it would make sense to have social links at the top.

Also, I guess this is an official RIP to Player Points.


We developers want our group members and new people who find our group pages to be able to easily find two things:

  1. Our games

  2. Our community related stuff where we make announcements (ie social links)

I would love for social links to be moved up to the top somewhere, they’re really hidden at the bottom there and you have to scroll to get there. The funds thing doesn’t really interest me much, would honestly prefer if it was only shown in the admin panel of the group instead.

Feature request related to this:

Please let us sort our games in a more efficient way than what we had before where we literally had to inactivate places just to move a game to the front. Just a simple system only shown in the admin panel where we can rank priority of a game and it will be shown up first or something.

As mentioned many times over, ranks don’t have a member count to them and that is really something I would love to see being added back again. I like what you are trying to do with this, it looks way more modern than what we had before but man is there a massive waste of space and the page feels unnecessarily long. I like that Allies has been renamed to Affiliates, looks way more professional.


Yep. Maybe a compromise could be to leave the social links where they are currently, and then duplicate the icon to the top of the page with the equivalent hyperlinks.

An example of how this may look.

This is using the existing share buttons that are available on the games. Rather, these would include icons such as Discord, Youtube, etc.


Clans make me money, I hope that’s not the case lol.

EDIT: False alarm.


Over the next few months, it appears they plan to completely remove clans altogether.


I wish there was more emphasis on the community. I want to build communities for my games and the wall is totally hidden…

I think the social aspect of a group is one of the most important things about them. You join the group to talk with other people that have the same interests as you, not to just be in a random group.

The socialness of Roblox is why it’s so successful anway. I really want to see groups that are active and have tons of users talking about relevant topics!


Clans =/= War Groups

Clans were that edgy point leaderboard that you could opt into and have only 20 or so members contribute to the score. These leaving are not a loss.

This is what it looked like on the old group page.


Bixby explained it I skimmed the post. Shew.


As someone who has been pushing for these updates for years I’m glad they are coming around!

However I am again fearful of the dreaded desktop-compatible phone layout. I love that it is optimized for mobile devices but I don’t like that desktop users are forced to have less information on their screen as a sacrifice.

A couple things that I think could be remedied or considered for desktop users;

Moving the groups description to the right of the group name and logo:

Move the games to be always visible on the About tab under the group logo, so that people who check in on the page can immediately see if members are in-game.

Utilize more space on the sides of the screen. Note I have ads disabled and a dark theme.

These are just a few things I would like to see perhaps tinkered with, and what might even be nice is for users to set their preference on what is displayed where since it’s already so neatly organized.


I think the reason for everything being so spacious is so that the same layout works on mobile in portrait mode.


I really dislike how your group’s funds (sensitive information) is displayed on the front page of your group (a non-sensitive page) if you have permission to view group funds.

Stuff like this should be hidden in the admin panel, not visible in plain sight. I don’t want someone to see how much money is in my group while I’m doing a livestream, or even looking over my shoulder as I am making a group shout.


A group page redesign was on their list first, be patient.


I feel like the wall and games tab have been pushed too much out of view, while they were the things I utilized the most. For the rest I really like the new design and props for that but I feel like some important features have been put too far away from the eye.


You may also notice that Clans are missing from the New Group Details page. Now that Leaderboards and Player Points have been sunsetted, Clans are no longer a meaningful part of the Roblox Groups experience. Over the next few months, we will be sunsetting Clans completely to simplify the user experience. At the same time, we have some big projects on our roadmap that will better empower you to organize and grow your own communities on Roblox.

Does this mean clans as in war groups? Or the clans that were used during the clan battle?

EDIT: Nevermind, didn’t read replies.

Loving the update however, as a big user of the group page I love the new layout, easier to use and understand. Step in the right direction. :+1:


This is great and all but when are we going to see some actual changes instead of just a visual update. After 3 years of asking all we have got is a visual update. Doesn’t seem like much has progressed. Either way, still happy that something if anything has happened.


I like the refreshing look of the Group page, definitely needed after so many years, however there are some features still that could be improved to provide an overall better experience for the user base, and one of those is definitely the Group administration page. An update which helps users to more effectively manage their group with the current features available would be highly appreciated by users who use groups often.


I’m loving the new UI redesign.

However, I liked the previous design where Group Admin, Audit Log, etc. etc. were on the outside of a seperate button. Perhaps we could have an option for this in the future?

Other than that, this update was unexpected, but welcome at the sametime. I’m really liking the new updates! :slight_smile: