New home page shows games that aren't playable

The new home page shows a list of games the user may be interested in, but sometimes these games are not accessible. E.g.

Expected behavior is that if I can’t play the game, it doesn’t show up in this sort.

Thanks for the report – we’re working on a fix now. This is a test we’re currently running so not all users will see this.

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fyi, we have potential fix shipped just now. Let us know if you still see the issue. Thanks for reporting. Much appreciate !

I noticed that the Baseplate place by the Templates account is showing up on the Home page. I’m guessing that’s not because my friends are playing it, but because developers are registered as playing it when they edit it in Studio?

I’ve also noticed a number of weird places that show up (albeit lower in the sort):

Maybe one of my friends visted these games? If so, it would be nice if places that were visited only once by one of my friends would not show up in the sort, and that more-frequently visited places e.g.

would be prioritized instead (they are currently at the very bottom of the sort).

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