New Humanoid Physics Controller Cannot Get Up

Reproduction Steps:
Studio - 574

  • Make sure the new physics controller beta is enabled.
  • In the place file provided, attempt to climb the ladder, or trip the humanoid by rotating the character.
  • Fall down, unable to get up no matter what the settings in the GettingUpController are.
    HumanoidPhysicsControllerAndLag.rbxl (107.5 KB)

This issue started happening since the BalanceRigidityEnabled setting was released to the GroundController.

Expected behavior:
Normal controller behavior, as to what ControllerService does; make the humanoid get up.

Actual behavior:
The humanoid attempts to get up, but not enough force is applied, even when BalanceRigidityEnabled is set to true. Even disabling the setting and cranking up the MaxForce does not work. What actually happens is the humanoid rig sinks into the ground by 0.1 studs when it is supposed to be getting up.

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We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and we will update you when we have further information!

Thanks for flagging!


Thanks! I’ve just submitted a fix for this bug, it should ship in next week’s release.

You can work around it by putting a ControllerPartSensor on the HumanoidRootPart, and assigning it to the ControllerManager.GroundSensor

Or, you can set BalanceRigidityEnabled to true on the “RunningController” to prevent most tips in the first place.


Will It have updates soon? I want It out of beta lmao

Sorry, last week’s release was skipped. This should be fixed now!
I’ll post a larger update on the beta feature thread later today.


okie fix the studio crashing bug too please, it happens when you collide with a dummy using the new phsyic controller on your player

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Hey @TenerPVPs - would you mind filing a new bug report? Or if you could link to this issue, if it’s already reported, that would be helpful. Thanks!