[New] ObbyMasterMine | Builder/Modeler/UI Designer


Hey there, how are you? Well, I am doing great! I am ObbyMasterMine, a experienced Builder/Modeler, and UI Designer. I have been building for a year, but learning fast. You may know me from Smart Coast Hotels, as a former UI Designer.

Terms of Service

I have all rights to deny.
Must be 13+, and or have parent/guardians approval before using my services.


Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 4.09.14 PM


I only accept Robux,
If using percentages, backup payment will be needed.
50+ Robux atleast

Commission Sheet

Contact Me

You may message me, or dm me on Discord!

Thank you! Have a great day, and remember, happy fall! :smile:


I think you’ll need to re-upload your images, because it’s showing up as screenshot file names.

Post formatting

Done, haha! Sorry got the inconvenience!

I have a question. Do you model your own trees?

Usually I do, yes. So there is your answer!

Hello! Guys! Shoot me a dm if you want me to give my services to you! ;D

Amazing build! I love the hotel and the 5th Image! I would recommend that you add a base price for size and detail.

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Thank you so much for the feedback! DM Me if you want!

Update 10/3 Added Blender Work

He is one of the Best Developers I have ever hired.

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Ah! Thank you so much! Your one of my favorite clients too! I really appreciate it from you! Thank you!

Greetings. I am interested. But it won’t let me a friend request you.
Can you please send me your new username & tag?

ObbyMasterMine#2020 Here it is.

Thank you. I’ve sent you a request.