New part inserter exploit?

Recently I have been getting a lot of exploit reports of people placing parts in my game to draw shapes, block hallways, or otherwise hinder gameplay. Now at first I thought that maybe I had left some unprotected remote event that exploiters could call, but people have told me that they have seen it in other games as well. From what I have heard and seen, exploiters somehow insert hats for themselves, then lock them in place to somehow create parts that overlap into the server.
Luckily with some help I have already found this website, which seems to be the primary culprit. Sadly the code is obfuscated.

Now I was wondering if there have already been taken actions against this with patches. So far I have found none that patch this exploit, and thats why I have come to ask if someone is smart enough to fix this.

an example of this in action is:


You should check your game for backdoors, then.

Well, Iā€™m sure Prison Life has backdoors but a btools backdoor would have been abused so much. @Festivereinhard2 probably has backdoors for everyone to see it
That FE in the prison life is probably client side

this exploit uses hats, and i dont think backdoors are the reason why, its just roblolx being roblox. [i think] u can remove this hack from ur game if u pervent hats being drop or detect who drops hats cos didnt roblox remove hat drop? whoever drops hat must be hacker

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They use @ForeverHDā€™s admin commands because there is an exploit for certain admin commands. They use the btools command so they can insert new parts. Otherwise, they use an exploit where they can select or clone parts to intentionally lag the server or just make people mad.

	if child.ClassName == "Accessory" then

Easy fix.

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I think that that might not be the case. In @Festivereinhard2ā€™s picture in innovation spaceship, someone drew a penis. Exploiters can draw inappropriate shapes and assets in the game so they probably can get the game taken down or [ Content Deleted ]. Its best to put anti exploit scripts in your game :confused:

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