[New Plugin!] Sign Generator! - Customize your own sign in Roblox Studio! Oudated!

Hey Developers! I am proud to announce a new plugin for all of you to use!

About the Plugin

What’s the Plugin?
Its simple. You can create your own sign, and edit it! You can make your own text, and make your sign the color you want!

Will it be Updated?
Yes, some bugs may be found when In use. But we will be adding more features to it daily!

Is it Free, or does it cost robux?
It is 100% Free with no charge! It was made for the purpose to help future developers, not for profit. (Non-Profit Plugin)

Is it safe to have? Will it hack my game?
Nope! It is completely safe! No hacks or backdoors are in it! The Plugin is made by FunnelCreator. If you see any other version of this made by someone who isn’t FunnelCreator then don’t download it. Most likely it is not safe.

*May I see a clip of how it works?
Sure! I made a video so you guys could look at it!

Last Question. What is the Overview of it?
The plugin has one function and that’s to edit your own sign and add it in your game. You may make changes to the sign at any point! It was created to help beginner developers learn and expand their knowledge on surfacegui! More features including text fonts, TextScaled, TextSize, ect. Will be Coming Soon!..

We are hiring!

For those who would like to make a logo, and make better UI for the plugin you can submit your work my dming me on discord! I will gladly pay for Updates with UI and Logo’s!

The Discord Server!

Plugin Download:

Remember: The Plugin is still in Beta so bugs may appear. No worries! Feel free to contact me about bugs and such things in my discord server!

Suggestions are appreciated!

Update: New UI by: YouTubeCZSKVideos


Wow that’s amazing I haven’t even downloaded it yet but It’s absolutely amazing! Imma download it later and see how good it is

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This looks great! Will definitely be getting this :slight_smile: . Thanks for making it free!

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Thank you! I hope it comes in use!

Nice working with FunnelDeveloper!

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Personally, I think a OnScreen plugin is a bit intrusive. Why not change it to be a dock widget?
You will have to learn Roact though for the best results.


Im so confused?
What are you talking about?
Im asking for suggestions, not help?

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Maybe add gradient option for the text

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Good Idea! Ill keep that in mind!

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Thanks! Ill keep it in mind! :smiley:

The only issue is Im not sure if this is needed. I don’t want to spend time on something if no one will use it!

If you find any bugs please report them to me in the discord server ASAP! :smiley:

I just need suggestions! I don’t need any help scripting, thanks anyways!

I don’t see a point of using this at all. Create a part > SurfaceGUI > TextLabel and your done. It would be different if it saved time writing code.


Might seem simple. Creating a plugin is much harder than you think. Make a plugin similar to mine, and show me it is easy.

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I spent a week of scripting this.

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Oh btw this is like the 2d or 3d text plugin

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This plugin is to make signs by a 2d, or surface gui. Feel free to download it and check it out! If you don’t like it, you don’t have to keep it! :smiley:

I’m gonna download it but I can’t right now I’m fixing my pc

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