New Plugin: Streaming Debugger!

Hey everyone! I’ve created a new simple but powerful plugin that makes it easier to debug Roblox’s Streaming feature! I call it the Streaming Debugger.

The plugin is an advanced debugging tool intended to help Roblox developers with the process of porting their games to use streaming.

With StreamingEnabled checked under the Workspace, you can use this plugin widget from the client’s perspective to limit how much memory is available for streaming to use (as a means of simulating lower-end devices such as mobile), with the addition of Roblox’s own built-in streaming debug visuals shown.

I created this out of necessity to reproduce how Roblox removes streamed parts when a device has limited memory available. By setting the memory limit to a relatively small value, Roblox’s streaming system will react aggressively and try and keep the memory consumed by parts in the Workspace under that limit.

The source code for this plugin is available here:

Enjoy! :slight_smile: