New premium page, only able to purchase 450 robux tier

When opening the new Membership page which sells premium in mobile, you’re only able to purchase tier 1 (450 robux) and are unable to get the higher tiers of premium.

How often does the bug happen (Everytime/sometimes/rarely)? Everytime you open the page.

What are the steps that reproduce the bug? Just open the membership purchase page in the Roblox app on a mobile device.


I can confirm this happens to me too, but I am using an iOS device, not Android.
iPhone 7
iOS 12.3.1 (NOT the latest, but I noticed this before the latest (12.4) was released.
App version 2.396.327208 (according to the App Store)


I’ve noticed that too, but once Roblox changed my subscription to Premium instead of the OBC I had before, the page updated accordingly.

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Yup, it seems to be still a bug cause it’s happening to me. I am using Samsung Galaxy A50 with latest Android 9 version

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I dont think its a bug. I think this is on purpose. When builder club existed you also could only
buy max 3 months.

This is intentional for the time being. We launched with a single level on mobile so that we could roll out Premium for mobile at the same time as our other platforms. In the meantime, if you want to buy a higher Premium package, you’re able to do so via the website.