New Roblox 3D Anime Rig!

Hello everyone!

My name is Leo, tho this is not my real name but this is probably the last message ill have with the Roblox community anyways

im here to introduce to you, the newest roblox anime face rig utilizing glasses, mesh deformation and root priority (tho probably no one knows what root priority is)

Here is the example of such rig.

it is compatible with moon AND roblox’s default animator

For more information

Here is the download for the rig :
V6.5 OFFICIAL.rbxm (81.8 KB)

Now, for how to USE the rig
when drag the files inside studio. You will see heads floating in the sky

For how to attach these heads heres a quick tutorial.
(tho this is the older version of this rig the set up is still the same)
Step 1 : Get a rig

Step 2 : Copy and paste your desire head

Step 3 : Put the head inside the rig that you just made

Step 4 : Find the Motor6D named “Neck”
R6 : inside the Torso
R15 : Inside the Original Head

Step 5 : Inside Neck’s properties Find “Part1”

Click on the “Head” next to “Part1”
And then find and click on the new Head inside the model you just placed inside the rig

Step 6 : Delete the old head and ungroup the model
(Tho if the rig you put the model inside is r15 move the Motor6D “Neck” to the new head and then delete the old head)

And all of this done, Your character now has the animatable Anime Face!
Enjoy my creation

(The images inside the rig are in parts inside the “Modeled Parts” Folder inside the “Parts” Folder)

For how i decided to give these out
this was initially just a rig for animators that i trust
But sadly one of them had given these out to inappropriate people inside the roblox community
Betraying my trust in the process. And now, me scared that people would start making inappropriate
contents with my private rig i decided to release this out the public and be my last parting gift to the Roblox community before i pursue my dreams of becoming a real Animator

Yes, you are allowed to do ANYTHING with this rig
make inappropriate contents (tho i will HATE you for that), use it for games (tho using it for games might be really really laggy)
You name it!


See You In The Stars Space Cowboy…


leo, sorry to hear the big unfortunate faced to you but this was not avoidable and i expected this happen anytime soon. i’m know well you put your soul and heart into making it and result is very fasinating. stay strong, people in roblox community ready and will always support you mentally always.


Definitely looks really cool, but it is incredibly hard to use, this is probably a big ask but would it be possible for it to use Roblox’s Dynamic Heads?

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this is both cursed and awesome, which equals epic, good job


I don’t use Animate-able Facial Rigs, I saw them on your media and its clearly amazing effort, but most importantly-

I am terribly sorry to hear about your work being leaked to the public, and I understand that you might as well publish it due to the damage.
You don’t have to update or do anything else to the model, but I hope you had a blast with the good apples of this community, and I wish the best for the plans ahead of you Leo :star2:


Does anyone have a tutorial on how to actually animate with this?

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i love the possibilities with this, especially when you can make hilarious expressions!
i’m willing to bet this is better than roblox’s upcoming facial rigs.
he knows what you did.

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You just use motor6ds as aforementioned in this post, it’s fairly simple just like animating tool handles.
It works for roblox default animator too.