New roblox horror game!

Hello everyone our brand new game Midnight Horror is out NOW!

Play here: Midnight Horror - Roblox



Oh god. That moment when a game says use headphones for best experience, you know it’s serious with it’s sound design. I have a question when it comes to controls. How do I interact? I can’t open the door.


Click the door knob to open the door.

I tried that. It didn’t work. It might be broken.
Edit: Never mind. I was just too close.

Currently you can open one door, and thats the one to the living room.

JESUS MAN! That is terrifying! My arm hurts now and my bpm is 104. Now I’m going to die of a heart attack. Thanks. Truly terrifying. I am confused as to what is happening though.

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The story will continue currently there is only 1 ending.

First key gamepass? That’s how you’re monetizing the game? Isn’t that a bit… Pay to win and defeats the purpose of the game because you can just skip a large part of it? Just make a donate gamepass.

Too scary. I was so scared I left the game. BIG OOF. But anyways, really cool game. I will give it a like. :slight_smile:

It’s less scary without headphones my guy. I didn’t leave on the first jumpscare, I just spazzed out. Also, F for flashlight.

Holy cow. It scared me out when there was loud sound from thunder (I turn volume high little lol). I keep playing to end of game. I really like this game! Good job! Keep going like this! I had question for you if you had team, then what do you have challenge from this game? :clap:t2:

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Hello! only challenges we faced while making this game where script errors LOTS and LOTS of script errors.

I found some lore. The PC is Mike Greenwood(?) and there is also a character named Nick Man. My computer’s resolution is low, so that’s what I could decipher. Mike has a sister or other familial female named Rachael Greenwood. I assume she is his sister. I can’t read this lol image


Wait a flashlight? Ooof I didnt know lol

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Correct! Micheal Greenwood is who you are playing as, but I will not give away too much since I don’t wanna spoil the other endings.


God… that scared the **** out of me.
Good game though!


I think I found something out!
The monster in the game is your (Micheal Greenwood’s) guilt. for killing the man.

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Correct! I did not expect people to figure this out.

No, this is not pay to win since there are going to be several endings, only 2 or 3 are going to be gamepass related.

Taking the metaphorical approach then? Nice. By the way, That’s just a theory, A GAME THEORY!