New Roblox Studio UI?

Hello, So recently my Roblox studio has updated to a new UI which when I searched up more info about it I found nothing? I don’t like this UI that much and like to revert it back, any help is appreciated!


For some reason I don’t have this problem so maybe delete and download studio?

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Are you a beta feature member? I know that they are re-designing the whole of studio.

I don’t even see what your complaining about, the studio looks fine to me (looks more modern and professional).

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You sure it’s not a plugin? If you mean the thing on the very left it looks like a plugin jujing by the name at the top

Otherwise looks same to me

Edit: accidentally said right, it was left

You should read this:

It started today when I updated Studio

“uiDesign by Stelrex”

its a plugin by this guy


Tried it didn’t work, I tried it twice with disabling some beta features, still nothing

It looks cool but I’m not a fan of it!

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I guess I just have to deal with it

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Every time I try to play test with the new UI, the screen blanks for a second. Also, when I edit a script and go back to it after testing, I have to search through all the tabs again (The old UI automatically puts you back on the script you were at before.)


Yea, and also for me the chat is like on the whole screen!

I noticed the bell icon instead of “What’s New?” button. I do like this. Has anything else changed?

Yea that too, It’s kinda cool but confusing

It’s a new update, I got it too when I updated Studio today

Is it just me, or I can’t see any big change?

Some checkboxes.

Some arrows.

Where’s the new UI? Everything else except these little things look the same to me.


No it’s not the UI Deisgn by Stelrex