New Robux2Money Chrome Extension: what we have all needed!

Introducing Robux2Money, a brand new Chrome extension for all you Roblox developers out there!

Note: development currently paused

Now opensourced: GitHub - Frenchtoast0/Robux2Money: Open-sourcing of Robux2Money Chrome extension

  • It reduces the hassle of manually calculating your Robux earnings as real-world currency.
  • It uses Jan, 2021 DevEx and currency exchange rates (subject to updates) to convert your Robux value to your own currency.
  • It all happens automatically, all you need to do is save a currency, and the extension will automatically display the appropriate value on
  • Features a super friendly UI with one simple dropdown to save, and you’re all set.
  • Best of all, it’s totally free!



Please note that this is a brand new extension I just released, so it may still contain a few bugs. Please let me know if there is something you are unhappy with and I will see what I can do to fix it.

Current bugs I am fixing:

  • plugin doesn’t load quick enough leaving you to see a Robux amount for too long

I’m more than sure that Roblox+ and BTRoblox already have an option to automatically calculate Robux into DevEx. If you don’t trust extensions, this website helps me calculate robux.


I’ve used that website before, it’s just easier with an extension. There are a few extensions that convert to USD, but I wanted one that users could have their own currency with.


If you add different features that are not from those other ones then maybe someone will get it. If you add more features such as folders for game types then maybe someone would be interested

You can always put USD to [your currency] into google and you can calculate it manually or you can use the calculator on Windows 10.



If you could add more to it such as an easier ui and and drop downs for other stuff such as high value snipes (another word for steals on high value items). Then make it acessable for other things like it helps with devex stuff that does with discord intergrations or other things like pateron. (I think people would like to see intergations of different products and the workflow of it being easier).

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:relieved: I’m actually happy someone made this (:slight_smile:

I dont trust extensions from untrusted developers. The conversion for calculating how much money you get from a DevEx transaction is

(Robux * 0.0035)

If you want to convert that to your own exchange rate, just multiply it by your exchange rate from USD
So, for example, if I wanted to convert 100,000R$ into GBP (exchange .81), I’d multiply the result by 0.81 after getting the USD from Robux
Making the equation:
(100,000 * 0.0035) * 0.81 which equals £283.50


I’ve taken a quick look at your extension’s javascript files, and I think it’s okay.

However, it may help if you posted the extension’s source code on so others can read it.


Sure, I’ll make it open source to alleviate concerns.

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Due to popular demand and skepticism, I have opensourced Robux2Money:


To add onto this, Roblox Stats allows you to select a currency. There is quite a few to choose from so high chances your currency is in the options.


This extension appears to be broken. I have about $17.44 USD worth of Robux in my account from doing commissions (4984 Robux), while the extension says I have only a cent?

It also doesn’t work consistently, sometimes it says an incorrect amount of USD, sometimes NaN, and more bugs. I’d much rather do some math whenever I want to know my DevEx value than have a broken, untrusted extension.
I might reconsider using the extension if you fix these bugs. No offense intended, just constructive criticism.

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Sorry, it’s my first extension. I haven’t had those errors, but I’ll look into them.


Another method to calculate: I made this simple thing a while back for converting the price. Exchange rates haven’t changed so this is still up to date.

(Note: If you can’t see the widget above on the linked website, scroll down and press “view full site”.)

Great plugin but I don’t think it’s necessary considering there are multiple means to do this already.

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It works for me:


It ultimately sounds like something not worth risking user security for. It can calculate something we can already calculate manually and not risk installing and trusting the extension. Roblox Extensions have some bad vibe to them as they can easily be updated to be misused. Just giving my personal bit of advice, what you have here is cool but security is top priority. Now, if it was made by somebody like berezaa, etc, I would be more willing to trust the owner.
dont take this offensively,. but I have a feeling im not the only one thinking about security first!!


Don’t worry. I am studying to be a Cyber Security professional. I understand your feelings. I currently have all the source code on Github so if anyone needed to see the backend, they can. I wanted to be able to develop chrome extensions, so this was my first project. It is something I knew I wanted (I only found Robux to USD but I wanted CAD) and I decided to share it with the world as well.

This is great it’ll help me and a lot of devs a ton.
I’m happy to help with bug fixing, just let me know.

Edit : Just a thing, I think it might be broken. Its saying i have $0.06 worth of robux on my account and I have a lot more than 20 Robux. I think the program read the wrong, as roblox is always changing their websites.

Edit2 : Fixed it for you, check pull requests.

Thank you! I never considered that fix as I have never had a Robux value much over 1000. Fixed it up on GitHub and will release an update on the chrome store soon.