New Script Editor Scrollbar Markers

Hey Developers!

We’re excited to announce a feature that’s been requested for quite some time: Script Editor Scrollbar Markers. No longer will it be a challenge to navigate to an error in the middle of your script, or to get an idea of how those Find All results are distributed— Scrollbar Markers make these tasks as simple as clicking on or glancing at the right side of your script. We believe this is a huge improvement to code navigation, and we think you’ll agree.

See below for more detailed info!

New Features

Errors and Warnings in the Scrollbar

Note: Requires the enabling of the Luau-powered Autocomplete Beta

Ever since the release of Luau-powered Script Analysis, errors and warnings have been more helpful and precise than ever. Scrollbar Markers double down on this improvement, making it straightforward to identify and navigate to Script Analysis results once they’ve appeared.

All errors and warnings in your script are now represented by a marker in the scrollbar, matching the color themes you’ve chosen. Clicking on a marker navigates to the corresponding location in the text. No more time required to find those pesky errors buried in the middle of your script!

Search Results in the Scrollbar

The same treatment has been given to Script Editor search results, whether from the Find All / Replace All widget or the Find shortcut (Ctrl/Cmd + F). This makes getting an overview of where results in your script are (and jumping to specific instances) seamless like never before.

We hope you find Scrollbar Markers as exciting as we do, and we can’t wait to share more Script Editor improvements we’ve been working on in the near future. A huge thank you to the following at Roblox who’ve contributed to the feature:

@BobaTops, @HugoBLH, @windy0724, and @avschn

Stay tuned for more!


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This is really awesome! Might we ever have the ability to see highlight for TODO and FIXME comments?

Thank you!


A cool feature would be nice is to remove certain errors. Some things error but it still works.


THANK YOU!!! Huge time saver! This will definitely see a lot of use.


Thank you! This will save so much time and it will be so much easier to correct script errors.


This is an absolutely massive break for ROBLOX game developers all across the community. Markers on the scroll bar for errors/find results/etc. was one of, if not the, best features of other code editing programs such as Visual Studio.

And now we can finally use it in ROBLOX! Sure, we do have to opt into the beta manually, but that’s not a problem for me, I’ll still use it. Let’s just hope the rest of the development community likes the change. (because there’s probably going to be that one person, let’s be real)

Also, since I didn’t see mentions of them in the original post, is this going to potentially expand to Breakpoints and “TODO” comments?


Its nice to have this finally implemented. Will improve debugging for sure

Can we have smooth scrolling in script editor next? :eyes:


Wow, this really well be very helpful!! No more takin 10 mins to fix a little bug! Thanks :smiley: , I’ll waiting for more interesting and supportive updates for scripters!!


This is awesome!

Since you guys are doing some script editor updates, would you mind giving a look to the bug where local variables don’t show inside functions? Take this code for example

local var1 = "string"

local function test()
    local var2 = nil
    var2 = ... -- here, var2 doesn't show in autocomplete but var1 does.
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We definitely intend on looking at other functionality we can add to the scrollbar, including breakpoints / TODO-type comments. We have our hands full with a lot of Script Editor projects right now though, so this won’t be a priority for a little bit :slight_smile:


Make sure you have the Luau-powered Autocomplete Beta enabled, that bug is fixed there


I would have enabled it but the autocomplete is huge and ugly.

Agree but I’d also like a way to toggle this if that’s the case.

oh, i’ve noticed those today, personally i find them quite useless, but i can see someone that loses track of their code very easily benefit from them

Can’t wait to see what other awesome goodies we get next! Thanks for helping out with this update! :smiley:

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I have been waiting for this ever since I started developing!! This is great!

This is awesome - thank you! Looking forward to making the most out of these new features :sparkles:

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This will save so much time as instead of having one error being told at you at a time on the bottom of your screen, you can easily identify where they’re at with a visual example! Now I don’t have to hassle a lot fixing big scripts!

Keep up the good work, Roblox! :+1:

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Very helpful feature. Thank you!