New Selfie Mode Developer Module

Amazing actually, I just wish we got more customisation over the actual button because the green being forced is a bit janky and might not fit every game style

Not being able to turn off the Roblox logo or any of the Core UI is also a bit of a turn of that should probably be addressed.


This looks great, would be nice if this module included features to use the screenshots within an experience.


I’d love to see a party system come to Roblox on the game and on the website!

  • Invite players without being friends
  • join friends who have joins off
  • API so games can see your party and members
  • automatically leave and join game of party leader
  • only join servers that have capacity for party size
  • Party Invite links?
  • party voice chat! Not everyone has Discord!
  • party chat channel! no more whispers!?

Many people who play on Roblox play with friends as seen by chat messages in many games. Allowing more social features with friends can make the experience on roblox much more memorable and fun! :grinning:


Would it be possible for developers to change the font of the name, or use an Image Id with their game’s logo?


you can change the font via GuiService.ScreenshotHud.OverlayFont

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This is like a little photoshop, what if the user wanted to capture the screen of something interesting in the spur of the moment and then change the filters, it would be too late if they changed the filters and couldn’t capture the screen. Maybe taking a screenshot and then allowing the user to use the filters would be more convenient.

I feel like there could be more added and maybe a text that says “Can’t use poses in the water”, this is a nice module, looks cute and small just as it should be.


Why must these modules be written in Roact? This is super developer unfriendly, nobody wants to have to learn Roact or dig through over 200 scripts to make any changes.

I spent the past hour reading through all of this code and gained zero understanding of how any of it works. Was mainly interested in the functionality of taking and saving a screenshot to the user’s system but still super confused about it.

Edit: after some more reading in this thread I found the documentation I was looking for with screenshotting. Just wish I could actually figure out what api was being used by reading the code instead.


R6 isn’t supported I imagine :thinking:


Yeah, this doesn’t support R6; The second option doesn’t make your avatar look at the camera, and the poses don’t work at all. I prefer R15 a lot over R6, but it would’ve been nice if Roblox included at least some support for R6 here.


How did Roblox manage to save an image to our device whilst bypassing the Android “Allow access to files and media” permission?

Literally, if I wanted to save any image from any other app or game that permission should’ve be granted first, but not on Roblox?


I don’t know much about how Android’s filesystem works, but I’m pretty sure there’s a difference between application files and user files, where the application has it’s own container for it’s own files but needs permissions to access anything else.

Edit: After a bit more research, there is such a thing as app-specific storage.

I think the problem is that some poses don’t really work for R6, and so they didn’t make any animations for R6 rigs, since they can’t re-use R15 animations and need to make completely separate ones.


it’s on the uh, public directory

another image which is also saved in the public directory of /Pictures, but this one was from an app that asked for permission so I’m kind of concerned


It prompted for me correctly. I’ve had issues before with permissions not working, but it’s working fine here for me, but apparently there are some cases where the app does not require permission on locations on an SD card? Or maybe Roblox got a checkmark from Google that lets them save pictures without permissions on said newer phones, I honestly have no clue.


Its open image and the Merch Booth’s open image are almost in the same position.


Yeah this is straight up terrible and unnecessary.


You could’ve at least linked the documentation that @Jrelvas mentioned above, although it is extremely vague and I am yet confused as to how it works.


is this really useful ? like fr, anyone can make this


Why does it have the Roblox logo in the right bottom corner, whilst you can’t share any pictures with this logo? Shouldn’t it have the ‘on Roblox’ badge on the left bottom corner?


This looks cool! Although, does this conflict with games/experiences that have a custom camera module?

I rewrote player controls and the camera from scratch for my project and it does not take corescripts into account.

Should I be concerned about this?

Absolutely what’s been bugging my mind for the past 3 hours

Don’t get me wrong, it’s an awesome module although wouldn’t this comprmise the user’s pc? surely if there’s an access to a folder from a non-core script there’s gotta be a way to exploit it

You have to ask for permission. If Google just does this, some nefarious corporations could just steal user’s photos with permission or not.