New Selfie Mode Developer Module

Hi everyone,

As we build upon our existing Developer Modules, we are beyond excited to share our newest release! Today, we’re releasing the Selfie Mode developer module. This module will help provide players with an easy to use selfie-taking and editing feature to save and share images from your experience.

Now, your players can customize and save an epic memento while marketing your experience to the outside world! Once a player enters Selfie Mode, the screen will center and focus on their avatar. They will then be able to apply several different effects and save the photos to their device. All photos will have the name of your experience displayed in the top left corner if you include the screenshot feature!

Please note: Share sheets will be coming soon for an easy way to share to outside media.

Here’s a look at the various features you can include for players straight out of the box:

  • Depth of Field: Blurs the area around the avatar with the avatar in focus.
  • Lock Gaze: Has the avatar look directly at the camera no matter where the camera is located.
  • Hide Others: Removes any background players for a more crisp and specialized image.
  • Filters: Select from a row of six different filters created by us for you. Include as many or as little as you want!
  • Poses: Allow players to pose their avatar in their preferred way for a more meaningful image. Choose from a pre-set list of poses.
  • Screenshot: Players can now save selfies directly from the experience to their device!
    • If you include this API, the name of your experience will be in the top left corner of all selfies that are taken.
  • Coming soon
    • Share sheets: players can share their image straight to outside media.

We’ve uncopylocked the Roblox Community Space so you can see how all of our modules can come together to form a cohesive experience. You can also check out the Selfie Mode Demo space to see the dev module alone.

How do I use it?

All of our modules are published in Roblox’s models’ library. You can find the direct link to the Selfie Mode module here or search for it in the library. From these pages, add them to your inventory in order to conveniently find them in the “My Inventory” section of Studio’s Toolbox panel.

Then in Studio, you can one-click insert or drag and drop it into your 3D Workspace. Run the experience and the Developer Module will distribute itself to various services and start itself up.

Each Developer Module is designed to work out of the box, so the moment you press play it will just work. If this isn’t your style, as the developer you have full control over the Module and how it works. Advanced users can configure each Module in many different ways. Please refer to the documentation to know more!

Documentation & Resources

This page will always be updated with the latest information on our Developer Modules. You can learn more about the Selfie Mode module below:

  • Selfie Mode: Help players save a memory that captures the essence of your experience

Previous Modules

There are many other Developer Modules that you can plug and play into your experience, such as emote bar, surface art and more! You can check them out here: Developer Hub


➤ Merch Booth: Various bug fixes, performance improvements, and file simplifications. The Merch booth will also close as the player walks away from any proximity prompts.

What’s next?

We’re focused on enabling a wider variety of powerful and immersive experiences on Roblox. What would you like to see next?

A big shout out to the team making this possible: @bagel_enthusiast1, @complexlint, @TheGreaterWhale, @AngelEthereal, @ghost_naps, @Chocopain, @SolarCrane, @AZKOolKAt, @wiggletsunami, @poppyphizzy, @IgnisRBX


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Oh hey! This is pretty awesome, it is going in the direction of what I had imagined: Roblox Stories, a referral system to Capture and Save in-experience Moments.

However in my feature request I thought it was pretty important that the in-game capture would link towards the game if players were to click the background, and I had imagined that it would require an in-house solution on Roblox using the previous feed page.

Any plans for this?


This module looks very interesting. I will definitely try this out. But may I ask, how in the world do you save a photo to a user’s device from a non core-script, isn’t this not possible?


cool, can’t wait to see how Share sheets will be implemented. :sunglasses:


It is in corescripts! :slight_smile: developers can only include the API with the HUD button.


This system is one of the reasons why developers need to be able to take screenshots on the user’s behalf, though I imagine this is what that ScreenshotHud stuff was for

Its a bit of a sign when you’re asking users to take the screenshot for you.


No idea what the cause is, but I joined the Selfie Mode Demo and my camera got locked in place. I stepped onto one of the sparkly areas, which moved the camera in to take a selfie, but after clicking exit the camera did not transition back to my control.

Entering an exiting Selfie Mode from the camera button did not return camera control. Neither did resetting, I’d have to rejoin the experience in order to lock the camera back onto my character.


It’s a PNG, you can’t store links with it.


I’m going to be honest here, the only good thing this brought was the ability for Developers to save screenshots on the player’s device. I don’t think it’s necessary for there to be an official “Roblox selfie mode” model.


The image only saves to the players device as a momento for them!


Awesome. Someday the share sheets can hopefully give players a way to upload media to the experience page itself :smiling_imp:


For anyone that wants the possibility of taking screenshots without relying on this module, ScreenshotHud is what’s responsible for the actual part of taking and saving the screenshot. It’s parented to GuiService.

You can find its documentation here.

I’m surprised this wasn’t mentioned in this announcement or the module’s documentation at all, a lot of people are just interested in the ability of taking screenshots.


This is actually a big part of why Roblox publishes official first party content for the platform! As we work on that first party content it both helps us uncover gaps in the existing API, and helps us make sure that we’re filling them in an effective way.


I’m thrilled to see this announced and I’m very excited to try out these new features! :smile: It will now be MUCH easier to get photos for my game to advertise, and now players can capture amazing moments to never forget them. Thank you!


So, will gfxs be easier to make?
Considering I use this


There will be a big and separate announcement for screenshotHUD coming soon!


No. Taking screenshots of “renders” is not this module’s intended feature, as it doesn’t include freecam and it always has a roblox watermark in the bottom left corner, not even mentioning the fact you have to playtest to use it.


Yea I started playing around with it and noticed it did take a picture (in Studio anyway), I’m currently in the process of figuring out how it does that because that would be insanely useful to know


The “screenshot” part of this module is a CoreGui component, you can use ScreenshotHud to interact with it.

The button you click to “take the screenshot” is actually in CoreGui, there’s still no API to directly take a screenshot.

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