New: Set Custom Framerate in Animation Editor Beta

We’ve updated some functionality on the new Animation Editor Beta. Starting today, you will be able to change the frame rate of your animation from the settings menu in the upper right corner of the editor. This is a great way to quickly change the overall playback speed of your animation!


Previously, you were locked to editing at 30 FPS. This was fine for new animations, but legacy animations from the old editor or animations imported from Blender via FBX files would sometimes not align to 30 FPS, prompting you to either realign your keys upon import or allow them to snap to the nearest frame whenever you grab a key. We now automatically try to detect the frame rate of your animation coming in. If we cannot find a reasonable frame rate to align to, we will prompt you just like before.

We understand that working with frame-based animations is a new workflow for the Animation Editor in studio. Please feel free to leave any questions or feedback here. Thanks!

When detecting the frame rate for an incoming animation, we check first to make sure it can align to 30 FPS. If not, then we check 24 FPS, then 60 FPS. If we cannot align to any of these framerates, then we use the calculated one. This is to avoid cases where a developer has created an animation at 30 FPS with a small number of spread out keys coming in at a much lower calculated FPS. So if you did intentionally create an animation at a low FPS and it comes back in at 30 FPS, fear not! The times for each of your keys have not changed and will playback the same, they’ll just appear more spread out in the editor.

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This is great. However isn’t Roblox Studio’s VM running at 60 FPS? How would you be able to see 120 or more FPS?


Roblox is capped at 60 FPS in general, anyway. I hope this change signifies that they’re either raising the cap or lifting it at some point.


I don’t think the point of a 120FPS framerate is to actually use 120 keyframes per second, but rather to provide finer control over keyframe positioning. Actual playback will still be capped to 60FPS.


This doesn’t actually affect the internal animation playback system for ROBLOX and is purely an editing utility. When you export the keyframe sequence from the editor, we just take the frame that each of your keys are at and figure out the time in seconds based on the framerate you set in the editor


Just for clarification: If I animate at 120fps and put a keyframe on every step, publish my animation and then play it at half speed using AnimationTrack:Play(0.1, 1, 0.5), will I ‘see’ a different keyframe on screen every single frame? (assuming my PC runs the game at 60fps)


Correct, in that case you would ‘see’ a different keyframe/keys would not be skipped over at each time step.


cc: @geekraida

Roblox is still capped at 60 FPS. This feature is not an indication of a new framerate cap. As @jonathanTheForgotten said:

This is just for easy access to control speed or have finer tuning over your animations.

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I have been waiting for this for a long time. We no longer have to manually insert keyframes and set the interpolation to constant. Thank you guys!

Someone tell me where this setting is so I can use it.

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As is shown in the first picture on this thread, the setting can be changed through the settings cog on the top right of the animation editor:


I don’t seem to have it. That’s rather odd.


this feature is only enabled for the Animation Editor Beta. Your screenshot looks like the current production version. If you want to use the beta version please enable it in studio.


Is there an article somewhere on the Beta editor? I searched for it and could not find one.

What is the overall difference in editors? Will I experience any major bugs or is the Beta version pretty stable?

There is an article.
I’ll link it here.

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