New Studio Template & Endorsed packs!

It’s … grape juice :wink:

The wood grain is surprisingly well done almost everywhere!

Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 4.00.47 PM

@WoodReviewer what are your thoughts on this bit?


Seems even my RTX 3090 can’t handle this game template.


Is this optimized to be used in-game? Joining studio is laggy so I’m not confident in it’s in-game performance, don’t want to waste any time either extending the map to just find out it’s performance is medicore.


Nice addition to the Roblox Templates, we have been needing a refresh for a little while now!


Honestly, this doesn’t even look like Roblox anymore. All I gotta say is… its great.


This is amazing! Thank you! Very helpful to small development groups.

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Remember this city? This is it now. Feeling old yet?


This looks great! I made quite a few optimizations recommended by MaximumADHD ( and my FPS has shot right up.

Here is the game link if anyone is curious about how much these optimizations helped with performance: Modern City - Optimized - Roblox


Dang, first we got the new roapmap…then we get an entirely new studio template the next day, not to mention that there’s been a few DevForum moderators that have been a lot more active with the community than usual.

It looks like they’re finally acknowledging all the years worth of criticism from the Roblox community with everything they’ve been doing lately, so I’m kinda excited to see what’s next tbh.

Wouldn’t mind seeing more studio templates or open-sourced assets aswell, that kind of thing can defiantly help smaller developers out a lot.


Custom templates would be great!

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This is such a Major Improvement Compared to the old City! Incredible


Sounds great to use in upcoming roblox games ngl

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This might come off as a little petty as I do actually think is a cool new template place but, this NEW label does look a little out of place

What I dont understand is that the internal-only Streaming templates use a different label, and I dont know why this wasn’t also used on the Modern City template for consistency

As for the template itself, as I mentioned above this is a really cool template that keeps Roblox’s classic style with a more modern look


What a coincidence for me. I was looking for kit to create nice buildings for my racing circuit for decoration a few days ago and I knew that the old kit of Roblox which is a few years old. Thank you!


This template is great, and modernises it to the current standards of Roblox. A very impressive build of very high quality, and an obvious step up from the past template.

Any chance we’ll be able to see more templates modernised like this?


I have a question:
Will we ever be able to create custom templates? Like we can make a map and in File there’s a button saying “Add to Templates” which we could click and it would appear in Templates and we could edit its place etc. etc.


Nothing will be the same anymore :frowning_face:

But it’s good.


Short response:

This looks great. I love the details, and the modular kit will be great for my project.

Long response:

I haven’t been able to open this in studio myself yet, but it looks great from the screenshot!

I’m happy that everyone at Roblox is continuing to release stuff like this to the public, and I’m very happy that there is a kit for this. Especially with the project I’m working now, this is quite literally exactly what I needed.

I would love to see the other templates be remade, because seeing just the old city be recreated, some of those other templates would be great reworked like this!


I like the way wine bottles look.

I’m glad they’re in there :grin:


I like the new template, but the loading is too slow, Even my powerful laptop can’t handle it, also the Modular building kit is a good idea, but I rotate by 5˚ and move by 0.1 studs, and you want us to change it to 45˚ and 7.5 studs? How can I make smaller details in my buildings then? Also I feel nostalgic with the old city pack, My cousin used it for his fighting game however I think it would be good if we convert the SurfaceAppearance to MaterialVariant using my plugin, also How do I make it so when I click on the part, it takes me to a certain URL? I am trying to do that but I don’t think it’s possible, also I would like to build Reem Mall (one of the newest malls in Abu Dhabi) in roblox

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